Falcon Family Newsletter

June 7, 2021


June 8th – Clerical Day. No students in session.

June 14th – SLT at 5:00 pm

June 16th – 5 th Grade Graduation. Save the date!

June 17th – METS Game – Wear METS gear.

June 21st – Kindergarten Graduation

June 23rd – Pre-K Graduation

June 25th – Last Day of School

Letter to P.S. 199 Parents from the Parent Coordinator

Hello Parents,

As the school year begins to slow down and we transition into summer, we have a lot of spring cleaning to do. There is testing, spring photos and graduations to get through. Another thing we have to complete is our school surveys. This has been the most challenging year I've experienced both personally and professionally. There has been and will continue to be lots of changes that has and will continue to affect how we educate your children. We ask you to complete the surveys because your feedback on how we are doing is very important to us. There are two links in this newsletter and I ask that you take a few minutes out of your day to complete them both. The deadline for the NYC School Survey is June 11th and the deadline for the district survey is Thursday, June 10th.

Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.

Be well.

Ms. Becco

2020-21 New York School Survey

YOUR SCHOOL.YOUR CHILD.YOUR VOICE.Families should enter “f” followed by their child’s nine-digit Student Identification (OSIS) Number to access the survey. Note that “f” must be lowercase.

CEC 24 presents WORKSHOPS

Greetings Parents,

Last week I attend a workshop on HOW TO PROMOTE A GROWTH MINDSET IN THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN. The most significant idea I took away is that we should acknowledge and praise our children for their hard work and effort, instead of praising them for being smart. Children will learn that they don't always have to be perfect or right, but through their effort and willingness to work hard. Priceless!!!!

There are a few more workshops that District Office has arranged for you and the educators in our district to participate in and I think they provide valuable information for all of us. Please see the dates for two workshops below.

Listening and Responding to your Child’s Needs with Empathy

Tuesday, June 8th, 6-7:30pm

This is an online event.

In this session, parents will explore ways to listen and respond to their children’s needs with an empathetic ear and heart. They will practice the Habits of mind of Communicating with Clarity and Precision and Listening with Understanding and Empathy.

Zoom Information:


Meeting ID: 845 8229 9542 Passcode: SELParent(735727368)

For Interpretation: Telephone: 1-347-966-4114

Spanish Passcode:762464034# Mandarin Passcode:860463786#

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Dear Families,

First, thank you. I know the past year has required resiliency, determination, flexibility, and sacrifices from all of us, and from you in particular. You have taken on new roles that many of you never imagined you’d have to take on, and have balanced so much while coping with losses and the many life challenges that COVID-19 brought to us over the past year.

As we close out this school year, I am looking forward to the opportunity that lies before us to reimagine what school is and means for your children. We know that we have to welcome our students back to a warm, welcoming, and affirming learning environment that challenges them academically while lifting them up when they need support.

As our schools work hard on re-imagining how we educate our children, I am excited to share with you our re-opening plans for fall 2021. Based on available health indicators, we will return to full-time, in-person learning this September. This means that all students in grades 3-K through 12 will be learning in-person this fall.

All teachers and staff will also be returning to in-person instruction this fall. We are very grateful for the dedication of all our principals, teachers and school staff and recognize the hard work they have done during this challenging year, and we’re excited for your children to re-connect with their beloved teachers and school staff, in addition to their peers, this fall.

As we prepare for your children, as well as teachers and staff, to return to schools, we will continue our commitment to prioritize health and safety first. With a current rolling 7-day COVID positivity rate of 0.16% and a consistently low transmission rate, our schools have a proven track record of being safe. We will meet whatever the CDC social distancing requirements are in September, and we expect that the city’s continuously improving health metrics may allow for more flexibility by the fall. Finally, in our commitment to keep health and safety a top priority, we plan to adhere to the many health and safety measures we had in place this past school year, including the following:

● Masks will continue to be a requirement in all of our school buildings

● Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms will continue to be required to stay at home

● Students, teachers and staff will continue to complete the daily health screener at home

● Every school building will continue to have a nurse

● Every classroom will have working ventilation systems

● On-site COVID-19 testing will continue in school buildings as recommended by the latest health guidance

● The Situation Room will continue to support schools with next steps if there are positive cases

We know that many of our students have not attended school in-person since March of 2020, and that returning to school in-person this fall will be an adjustment. We promise to do everything we can to welcome your children back and provide the supports needed to ensure a positive homecoming. We’ve already made investments to hire more teachers and social workers, and will have academic and social emotional learning programs available to support our students. Here are some ways that we are supporting with the transition now, and we encourage you and your children to participate:

Chancellor’s Borough-Wide Family Forums

I am hosting borough-wide family town halls to hear more from you about this fall, and how we can use our resources to ensure a positive homecoming for your children and provide an enriching and challenging academic experience that integrates social-emotional learning.

Learn more and register (Open external link)!

School Open Houses

Starting in June and throughout the summer, every school will host open houses for families to visit, take a tour, and learn about the health and safety precautions in place that have kept our schools safe over the last year.

● Your child’s school will be in touch with you about when these will be scheduled, and we encourage you to participate to learn more.

Summer Rising

In partnership with the Department of Youth and Community Development, we are so excited to provide an enriching, fun and joyful summer camp experience for any interested student. We encourage your child to join us - to be welcomed back into their school communities, re-connect with teachers and staff, and get ready for fall while having fun!

Families can sign up now! (Open external link)

Thank you for your partnership, your engagement, and your dedication to your children’s education over the last year. I am in awe of how our communities came together to lift each other up to ensure our children had the best experience possible despite enormous challenges. I am looking forward to partnering with you, learning from you, and leveraging all we‘ve done together over the last year to create a new normal starting in September - one that is warm and welcoming, affirming and enriching, and exciting and challenging - for each one of your children.

In partnership,

Meisha Porter

New York City Schools Chancellor

P.S. 199 Parents Teachers Association

PTA Executive Board:

President: Ska Ska Morales

Vice President: Fakiha Khan

Treasurer: Kiron Flowers

Recording Secretary: Diego Carracundo

Parent SLT Members:

Ska Ska Morales

Arpita Patel

Kiron Flowers

Diego Carracundo

Martha Waite

Fakiha Khan

General Meeting Dates

6/23 @ 6:30

Listening and Responding to your Child’s Needs with Empathy

Thursday, June 17th, 6-7:30pm

This is an online event.

In this session, parents will explore ways to listen and respond to their children’s needs with an empathetic ear and heart. They will practice the Habits of mind of Communicating with Clarity and Precision and Listening with Understanding and Empathy.

Zoom Information:


Meeting ID: 845 8229 9542 Passcode: SELParent(735727368)

For Interpretation: Telephone: 1-347-966-4114

Spanish Passcode: 652 201 351#

Mandarin Passcode: 549 051 78#

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

UPDATE: COVID-19 Vaccines

Governor Cuomo Announces “Get a Shot to Make Your Future” Vaccine Incentive

12- to 17-Year-Olds Who Get Vaccinated Can Have Names Entered into Random Drawing for A Full Scholarship to SUNY or CUNY Beginning May 27. The state will raffle off on a weekly basis full tuition, room and board scholarships to any public college or university for four years.

May 26 through July 7, any 12-to 17-year-old who gets their first Pfizer dose can enter the raffle.

New York State will administer the random drawing and select 10 winners a week over five weeks for a total of 50 winners. Read all the details from the Governor’s pressroom or on ABC7NY.

Vaccination Information for People 12 Years of Age and Older

It has never been easier to get a COVID-19 vaccination in NYC. People 12 and older are eligible for the vaccine. Those who are fully vaccinated can more safely gather with friends and enjoy other benefits of vaccination, so get your shot today. See this flyer for a list of vaccination sites and FAQs about vaccines for young people.

Vaccination is the most important step you can take to protect you and your family from COVID-19. It is especially important for those with an underlying health condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19 illness, such as asthma, obesity, or diabetes. The same is true for people who live with someone 65 or older or with an underlying health condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19 illness. Vaccination is free and available regardless of immigration status. Many vaccination sites in the city no longer require appointments. See a list of sites where you can get a walk-up vaccination today.

Individuals 12+ are able to book vaccine appointments at many locations throughout the city using the NYC Vaccine Finder or by calling 1-877-VAX-4NYC. Text COVID to 692-692 to receive real-time updates on vaccine distribution. Note, people who are 12 to 17 years old can only receive the Pfizer vaccine. Most city-run sites are offering walk-up vaccinations without an appointment, including for individuals 12 years and older.

Watch the COVID Vaccine: Doing Our Part Video to hear from NYC DHS and HRA leaders about what the COVID-19 vaccine meant for them.

What New Yorkers Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines (PDF)
Español | Русский | 繁體中文 | 简体中文 | Kreyòl ayisyen | 한국어 | বাংলা | Italiano | Polski | العربية | Français | ײִדיש | اردو | فارسى | नेपाली | هَوْسَ | हिन्दी | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ | پنجابی | Português | Shqiptar | Tagalog | ไทย | བོད་ཡིག | Tiếng Việt | Wolof

Financial Assistance Program for Families impacted by the Coronavirus

Financial Assistance Programs:

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused financial hardship for many people. If you

have been affected as a result of COVID-19 you may qualify for some of the following financial

programs. These resources will be helpful to provide some relief.

Cash Assistance Programs:

● You can apply for a Cash Assistance special grant if your work schedule has been

reduced as a result of the Coronavirus and you are unable to pay your rent. Through this

grant you can request to get benefits for emergencies. For more information visit:

https://a069-access.nyc.gov/accesshra/ or call the HRA Info line at 718.557.1399. Learn

more about NYCHA’s Rent Hardship program .

● The Department of Consumer and Worker Protections’ NYC Financial Empowerment

Centers is now providing free one-on-one professional financial counseling over the

phone. These counselors are there to help you create a budget, manage bills, save for

essentials, deal with student loans, visit

https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dca/consumers/get-free-financial-counseling.page to make an

appointment online.

Housing and Utilities :

● A moratorium on evictions is in effect and advocates are working at the State level to

pass rent freeze legislation. Utility shut-offs are also suspended. Mortgage payments are

delayed as are business tax payments and individual tax payments. Since March 16th

2020 all eviction proceedings in New York City are suspended indefinitely.

● Visit HRA Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) https://otda.ny.gov/programs/heap/

to apply for the Home Energy Assistance Program Grant. You can also call the New York

Disaster Interfaith (NYDIS) for disaster assistance at 212.669.6100 Monday-Friday at

9:00AM - 5:00PM. For more information on Tenants rights for Tenants with COVID-19

visit: https://www1.nyc.gov/content/tenantprotection/pages/covid19-home-quarantine .

Unemployment Insurance:

● If you have become Unemployed as a result of COVID-19 you can file for

Unemployment. New York State is dropping the 7-day waiting period for the

Unemployment Insurance Benefits for anyone that is out of work due to COVID-19

closures or quarantines. To file a claim online you can go to

https://labor.ny.gov/unemploymentassistance.shtm .

● The NYS Department of Labor telephone filing hours are from Monday - Thursday at

8:00AM - 7:30PM, Friday at 8:00AM - 6:00PM, and Saturday 7:30AM - 8:00PM. If you

have questions about unemployment benefits you can call 888.469.7365 or to learn more

go to https://www.labor.ny.gov/ui/cares-act.shtm

The New York Foundling, Child Abuse Prevention Program https://www.nyfoundling.org

Mystudent Account Creation Tutorial

A step by step guide to setting up your NYC mystudent account. Send your child' name, your name phone number and your personal email to sbecco@schools.nyc.gov to receive your unique creation code.

Department of Education Issued Device Support

To receive assistance with using devices received through the mail from the DOE.

Technical support /Soporte Técnico

Students/Parents if you need Technical support for DOE Devices please fill out online formEstudiantes/Padres si necesita soporte técnico para Dispositivos DOE por favor llene el formulario en línea