Falcon Family Newsletter

September 13, 2021

From Ms. Becco, Parent Coordinator

Welcome back families.

Its been a long time and it is great to see everyone and how much the children have grown.

I'm looking forward to a great year for all of us.

School Messenger account that provides you with the robo calls will end shortly. Please register for our email alerts from our school website. Just visit our website and retrieve the parent school code. You would then download the Echalk app and enter the code there after proceeding without registering.

If you need to contact me, you may do so directly at sbecco@schools.nyc, or (917) 830-5755 or (718) 784-3431. Please do not hesitate.

Be well

Ms. Becco

Welcome Back

Effective Monday, September 13, all visitors to DOE school buildings are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination (1 dose), in order to enter the building, except in the case of an emergency. This proof may be provided in several ways, please see schools.nyc.gov/2021health for more information.

Pending an Order by the Health Commissioner​

On the first day of school, 3K/Pre-K parents, in small groups, are able to walk their children into the classroom and stay with them briefly on the first day of school without showing proof of vaccination. All other requirements apply. ​

In order to enter the building, a visitor must:​

  • show identification,​

  • have proof of vaccination, ​

  • complete the daily health screening form, and​

  • wear a face covering. ​

  • UPDATE: Consent Forms for Covid-19 Testing

    It is important that you provide consent for your child to participate in the in-school testing program. Submit your updated testing consent form for your child using your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) at schoolsaccount.nyc or by downloading the form online at schools.nyc.gov/covidtesting and providing the completed printed form to your child’s school.

    Testing consent forms submitted in the previous school year expire on September 30, 2021. If you previously provided consent, your child may be tested this month as part of the in-school testing program—however, for your child to participate in the testing program for the remainder of this school year, you must submit a new consent form.

  • UPDATE: Pop Up Vaccination Sites

    Thanks to a partnership between the DOE and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), all New Yorkers aged 12 and up can get free COVID-19 vaccines at select schools across the City. You can simply walk in by yourself or with any student, friend, or family member who needs a vaccine (minors will need parental consent) and get your “jab” for freeno health insurance or proof of citizenship will be required.

    To help keep schools safe, the DOE and DOHMH strongly encourage all New Yorkers aged 12 and up to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible. Many sites now have walk-in appointments, making it easier for any New Yorker to obtain the ultimate protection currently available for COVID-19.

    For a limited time, New Yorkers can get giveaways for getting vaccinated against COVID-19, including free tickets, complimentary memberships, or even $100 pre-paid debit cards.

    To find a vaccine site near you, visit vaccinefinder.nyc.gov, or call 877-VAX-4-NYC (877-829-4692) for help making an appointment at a City-run vaccination site.

  • UPDATE: New NYC Schools Account (NYSCA)

    Families can now access the new NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) portal, which consolidates several important parent-facing applications in one place. In addition to seeing information for MyStudent, such as grades, attendance, and transportation, families will also be able to access Parent University and the Bullying Reporting online form.

    Parents can reset the passwords to their student’s DOE email accounts through the Manage Account page; please note the change in URL from http://mystudent.nyc to http://schoolsaccount.nyc. Families who currently have a NYCSA account will automatically have access to new features in the portal.

    To support families in accessing the new NYCSA portal, you should ensure that your family access managers (i.e., school principals, parent coordinators, or other designees) create accounts for all students and backpack letters home using the FAM tool. Family access managers can use the Reports section in FAM to generate a list of student families without NYCSA accounts. Family access managers should print pre-populated Account Creation Code letters at the beginning of the school year and backpack them home with students. These letters can be batch-printed by official class or by class meeting time (for classes with more than one section). By default, the letters will batch print in the parent’s home language, if it is one of the DOE-supported languages. Generic translated letters will be available at the bottom of the NYC Schools Account website by September 13. Note that if you would like to provide FAM access to other designees, you may do so by assigning them the role of family access manager in myGalaxy.

    For more information about creating NYCSA accounts, see the NYCSA wiki page on the Family Access Management (FAM) tool. For questions, suggestions, or support with the MyStudent application within NYCSA, email nycschoolsaccount@schools.nyc.gov or call the Help Desk (212-374-6646). Please note that you may not direct parents to contact the Help Desk number or inbox, as the Help Desk only supports DOE staff. Parents should be directed to the resources on the family-facing NYCSA page.

    For questions about helping families reset passwords of student email addresses, refer to the Reset Student Password page on the Infohub.

  • UPDATE: New Agreements for 2020-2021 School Year

    The DOE and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) have reached an agreement regarding pivoting to remote instruction in the event of an emergency closure. We are working on creating a corresponding easy-to-read document, but in the meanwhile, here is a quick summary:

    • In the event of an emergency school or classroom closure, whether due to positive COVID-19 tests or snowstorms, classes will shift to remote learning for a period of time. In most such cases, teachers and other school personnel will conduct on-line lessons in real time (synchronous instruction).

    • If only a subset of students in a classroom is quarantined, those students will receive access to remote lessons that teachers and other school personnel have videotaped in advance (asynchronous instruction). However, those students will also be able to interact live with teachers during specified office hours.

    • In addition, on Election Day — Tuesday, November 2 — school buildings will be closed but students will receive remote asynchronous assignments.

    • Parent-Teacher Conferences will be conducted remotely; teachers will still have dedicated parent engagement time weekly.

    • UPDATE: Enhancing Communication Among Parents

      In the most recent update to NYCSA, parents will be able to opt-in to sharing their contact information with their local parent leaders. Please see below for the new “Stay Connected” feature of NYCSA.

      All the latest updates and information on School Year 2021-22 can be found at schools.nyc.gov/homecoming, and health & safety information is available at schools.nyc.gov/2021health. Here’s a summary of some of the pertinent information from the guide:

      Effective, Safe Vaccinations for All Eligible Community Members

      Vaccination is currently the leading public health prevention strategy to end the COVID-19 pandemic and has proven to significantly reduce the health effects of COVID-19 and reduce the transmissibility of the disease. Due to the incredible safety vaccination provides, all DOE staff and contractors in DOE buildings are required to have their first dose by September 27th and upload proof of vaccination to the DOE Vaccination portal. Every parent can be assured that the educators and school staff who work with their child every day will be vaccinated, providing yet another layer of protection and safety. During the first week of school, there will be an open vaccination site at every middle and high school.

      At this time, students 12 years of age and older are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine, and approximately 60 percent of young people ages 12 – 17 have already done so. All eligible young people are encouraged to get this life saving vaccine as soon as possible.

      Health & Temperature Screenings

      Daily health screenings are required for admittance to DOE buildings and must be completed at home prior to the school day. Additionally, as part of the screening, student temperatures must be taken at home. Any family that needs a thermometer can request one from their school.

      If a student or staff member is feeling ill, they must stay home and get tested. Staying home and getting tested is an effective way of protecting the whole school community. Every school will have a nurse on staff who students can report to when they are feeling ill.

      Universal Face Covering Usage

      As announced in May, protective face coverings will be required for all people inside and outside of DOE buildings, including all students and staff, regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings are a simple, effective way to keep everyone in the school community safe. Masks can be removed during meals and for designated breaks throughout the day, during which physical distancing will be maximized. Students who are not medically able to tolerate masks will be provided with alternative accommodations and staff will receive additional protective equipment.

      Physical Distancing in Schools

      Following CDC and NYSED guidance, schools will provide three feet of physical distancing, where possible. Physical distancing is one part of a multi-layered strategy, and additional safety is provided by vaccinations, mask usage, improved ventilation, a focus on hygiene, testing, and surveillance by the Situation Room. Elementary schools will utilize cohorts of students wherever possible, or have teachers move between classes to minimize the movements of students.

      During meal service, schools are highly encouraged to utilize outdoor spaces and additional space inside the school to provide three feet of physical distancing. The Office of Food & Nutrition Services is supporting principals in serving meals at multiple locations in school buildings and serving multiple meal periods.

      The vast majority of classrooms are able to implement three feet of physical distancing. In both meal spaces and instructional spaces, if physical distancing is not possible, then additional mitigation strategies will be put into place such as the addition of more HEPA purifiers or outfitting windows with exhaust fans.

      Both the CDC and NYSED emphasize that physical distancing recommendations should not prevent students from fully returning to school this year.

      Improved Ventilation

      The ability to bring fresh air into a room, circulate, and exhaust it is a critical part of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Every DOE room in use by students and staff for extended periods of time will have fully operational ventilation through either natural, mechanical, or a combination of means. Additionally, as an added precaution, every room has two air purifiers that meet and exceed HEPA standards and cafeterias in over-utilized schools will be provided with large units for added protection and window-based exhaust fans to provide additional air circulation.

      The ventilation status of every room in a DOE building can be found by searching for the school at https://www.nycenet.edu/schoolsearch and going to the “Building Ventilation Information” section of the page.

      Enhanced Cleaning, Facilities Maintenance, & PPE Availability

      DOE custodial engineers and facilities staff have over a year and a half of experience keeping our buildings safe and clean during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will continue using enhanced cleaning techniques, including the use of electrostatic sprayers, and all buildings will continue to have a full 30 days of PPE available at all times.

P.S. 199 Parents Teachers Association

PTA Executive Board:

President: Ska Ska Morales

Vice President: Fakiha Khan

Treasurer: Kiron Flowers

Recording Secretary: Diego Carracundo

Parent SLT Members:

Ska Ska Morales

Kiron Flowers

Diego Carracundo

Martha Waite

Fakiha Khan

General Meeting Dates

Mystudent Account Creation Tutorial

A step by step guide to setting up your NYC mystudent account. Send your child' name, your name phone number and your personal email to sbecco@schools.nyc.gov to receive your unique creation code.

Letter to the Parents

Good afternoon PS 199Q Families,

I hope this email finds you and your family well. In a few weeks, we are looking forward to welcoming back our students and staff in the building for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. We hope that this year will continue to be a great year in a safe learning environment.

At this time, I can share the following information. Please be advised that this information can change and will depend on the guidance that is issued by the Department of Education and Department of Health.

· Schools will open for in-person learning on September 13, 2021.

· For the safety of all students and staff, we will continue the same arrival and dismissal procedures that we used during the 2020-21 school year.

o Students will continue to wear a mask

o Parents must complete the daily health screener

o Temperature will be taken.

· You will receive your child’s class information by Thursday, September 2, 2021.

· We will hold a Coffee with Admin and Ms. Becco on Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. to share any information that we receive throughout the next three weeks.

· Cleaning/disinfection measures implemented last year will continue in the 2021-2022 school year.

For all up-to-date information, please visit our website (www.ps199q.org) and to receive important mobile alerts, download the eChalk Notify App.

· Download the eChalk Notify App for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Just search for “eChalk Notify.”

· Login with your school's eChalk Notify Alert Code (A62884). Click on “Proceed without logging in” > Settings icon > + > enter your school’s alert code > Connect to receive emergency alert notifications only.

Please continue to enjoy the remainder of your summer!

Buenas tardes, familias de PS 199Q,

Espero que este correo electrónico los encuentre bien a usted y a su familia. En unas pocas semanas, esperamos volver a dar la bienvenida a nuestros estudiantes y personal en el edificio para el inicio del año escolar 2021-2022. Esperamos que este año continúe siendo un gran año en un entorno de aprendizaje seguro.

En este momento, puedo compartir la siguiente información. Tenga en cuenta que esta información puede cambiar y dependerá de la orientación emitida por el Departamento de Educación y el Departamento de Salud.

· Las escuelas abrirán para el aprendizaje en persona el 13 de septiembre de 2021.

· Para la seguridad de todos los estudiantes y el personal, continuaremos con los mismos procedimientos de llegada y salida que usamos durante el año escolar 2020-21.

· Los estudiantes seguirán usando una tapaboca

· Los padres deben completar el examen de salud diario

· Se tomará la temperatura.

· Recibirá la información de la clase de su hijo antes del jueves 2 de septiembre de 2021.

· Celebraremos un café con el administrador y la Sra. Becco el jueves 2 de septiembre de 2021 a las 6:00 p.m. para compartir cualquier información que recibamos durante las próximas tres semanas.

· Las medidas de limpieza / desinfección implementadas el año pasado continuarán en el año escolar 2021-2022.

Para obtener toda la información actualizada, visite nuestro sitio web (www.ps199q.org) y para recibir alertas móviles importantes, descargue la aplicación eChalk Notify.

· Descargue la aplicación eChalk Notify de forma gratuita desde Apple App Store o Google Play Store. Simplemente busque "eChalk Notify".

· Inicie sesión con el código de alerta de notificación de eChalk de su escuela (A62884). Haz clic en "Continuar sin iniciar sesión"> ícono de Configuración> +> ingresa el código de alerta de tu escuela> Conecta para recibir solo notificaciones de alerta de emergencia.

¡Continúe disfrutando el resto de su verano!


Kujtim Daliposki


P.S. 199 Maurice A. FitzGerald

(718) 784-3431


Parent University

Parent University seeks to educate and empower families as partners, advocates, and lifelong educators in their student's education through free courses, resources, events, and activities.

Department of Education Issued Device Support

To receive assistance with using devices received through the mail from the DOE.

Technical support /Soporte Técnico

Students/Parents if you need Technical support for DOE Devices please fill out online formEstudiantes/Padres si necesita soporte técnico para Dispositivos DOE por favor llene el formulario en línea

More Updates

Closure & Quarantine Policies in the Event of a Positive COVID-19 Case

New York City public schools successfully opened schools during the 2020-21 school year, while keeping COVID-19 rates in schools far lower than the citywide average. This was achieved through a multi-layered prevention strategy.

The closure and quarantine policies that kept schools safe during Summer Rising will continue in the 2021-22 school year. When a positive COVID-19 case is confirmed in a classroom, unvaccinated close contacts will quarantine for ten calendar days. Fully vaccinated individuals do not have to quarantine even if they are a close contact unless they are symptomatic, per CDC guidance. Out of an abundance of caution vaccinated close contacts are encouraged to take a COVID-19 test three to five days after potential exposure.

High school and middle school students who are unvaccinated may test back into their classrooms out of quarantine. They will test on the fifth day of quarantine to re-enter class after the seventh day, with proof of a negative test, submitted to the DOE vaccination portal.

The Situation Room works closely with a team of experts from DOHMH to investigate every case that is reported. After a thorough investigation, if there is evidence of widespread transmission within the school, the Situation Room and the New York City Department of Health will make a determination to close the school for ten days. This is a continuation of a policy that kept over 800 school buildings safe during Summer Rising.

When in-person learning is disrupted, it will continue remotely for students who are quarantining. Elementary school students will continue to receive live remote instruction while they quarantine. Middle and high school students will have access to remote learning while quarantining.

Medically Necessary Instruction

Providing a high-quality learning environment for medically fragile students has always been a focus of the DOE. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pre-existing home instruction program is being expanded and will be available to more students that meet the criteria.

The Medically Necessary Instruction program provides interim educational services for school-aged children (from 3K to grade 12) in all five boroughs who are unable to attend school due to medical or psychiatric reasons. It can include individual in-person instruction by a certified teacher, or individual and small group instruction by certified teachers through digital platforms.

Taking COVID-19 into consideration, DOHMH has determined that students who actively have one of the conditions below would be approved for medically necessary instruction. Students with medical or psychiatric conditions that are not listed below may still apply; all applications will be reviewed by a medical expert.

Active Cancer

Chronic Renal Diseases

Sickle Cell

Gastro/Crohn’s Disease



Metabolic Disorders

Heart Conditions

Muscular Dystrophy

Adrenal Disorder

Cystic Fibrosis

Liver Disease


Congenital Lung Disease

Congenital Heart Condition


Cerebral Ataxia



Multiple Sclerosis

Any family with a student who is immunocompromised due to a medical condition or treatment for a medical condition may apply. Applications from families with any condition not listed will undergo review to determine eligibility.

RESOURCE: Supports for Students and Families

Providing Social and Emotional Learning Support for Students

Students are much more likely to learn, feel safe, and rebound from tough situations when they feel connected to their teachers and their peers. This year, all schools will focus on strengthening connections and community. Building off what we all accomplished last year, the DOE will continue to ensure that all students, their families, and staff feel welcomed and supported.

Supporting students socially and emotionally improves not only their academic progress but prepares them to succeed in life. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our students faced stressful situations and some of them experienced trauma as well. For example, circumstances like poverty, homelessness, or fear of deportation can be traumatic if students do not have adequate resources and supports. Yet schools are and can continue to do so much to help students learn how to manage their stress and find refuge from their pain and anxiety.

This year, we are expanding our social emotional learning (SEL) practices citywide. We’ve hired over 500 social workers and 36 borough office-based social workers so that every student has access to more targeted supports when they need it, like group and individual counseling. As a result of these investments, every school will have a trained mental health care specialist. This person could be a school social worker, guidance counselor, or a school-based mental health specialist.

We have also updated our Bridge to School plan. Designed to be implemented during the first few weeks of this school year, the plan provides all schools with social-emotional learning lessons and activities that will help students build coping skills, process grief, and reorient themselves to daily instruction. The Bridge to School plan complements established initiatives that will be continuing this school year that are aimed at building students’ self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Supports for Students in Temporary Housing

If your student is affected by homelessness (living in a shelter, or doubled up or in some other temporary housing situation due to economic hardship), the DOE is committed to providing additional supports and resources.

If you or your family are affected by homelessness, we want you to know that every school district has a dedicated Students in Temporary Housing (STH) Regional Manager who can respond to questions and concerns, and connect you to DOE and other city agency resources designed to provide no-cost benefits (including transportation to and from school, help with enrollment and school moves, even access to programs and special opportunities). STH Regional Managers work directly with over 300 school- and shelter-based staff, including social workers, who are specially trained to understand the unique needs and strengths of families affected by homelessness.

Finally, every school also has a dedicated School Based STH Liaison, who can ensure students and families affected by homelessness are connected to appropriate information, resources and benefits.

To get help at school, please reach out to your school’s guidance counselor, social worker, or principal for assistance.

P-EBT Resources

Every single NYC public school student is automatically eligible—regardless of income or immigration status—. No application or registration is required. P-EBT does not affect any other benefits or public charge status. Students in parochial or charter schools may be eligible if their school participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). For more information, please check out the links below.

GetFoodNYC: Free Food Locations

Get a map of food resources across the city: Free food pantries, Grocery stores and farmer's markets locations, grab & go meals at NYC Schools, available for all children or adults in need.