Marine Safety Officer

Career project

job description

Under supervision, maintains surveillance of designated beaches and adjacent marinas, waterways, harbors and bay areas from an assigned vehicle, lifeguard station or as a crew member assigned to a rescue boat in protecting life and property within the City’s jurisdiction. There pretty much advanced lifeguards… They also report crimes committed, write citations, make arrests, and even testify in court.

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safety equipment

Life Jackets – A PFD (personnel Flotation Device) meant to keep the airways of the wearer clear of water even if the wearer is conscious or unconscious.

Life Buoys – A lifesaving buoy thrown to help prevent drowning and save lives.

Life rafts - small, rigid or inflatable boat carried for emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster.

pay, benefits, pros and cons, why there needed

Education required - Minimum of an EMT Basic Certification (proof required), At least 12 months of open water life guarding

Salary - $30.82 - $38.18 Hourly

Pros – good benefits, get to save people’s lives

Cons – hourly pay, risk of owns life

The current needs for this job are to insure the safety of swimmers on beaches and in waterways of coastal cities.

Reasons why this career is necessary are: 1) to keep the public safe. 2) To ensure order on the beaches they’re assigned to. 3) To observe beaches and waterways for any foul play.