Julius Caesar

By : Kimberly Rangel

Essential Facts

Occupation - Dictator,General

Date Of Birth - July 12, 100 BC

Place Of Birth - Rome, Italy

Date Of Death - March 15, 44 BC

Place Of Death - Rome, Italy

How He Died - stabbed 23 times


Julius Caesar grew up in a dangerous times, Rome could not handle it's own size & power

Julius Caesar's power

He was appointed governor of Father Spain, he returned to Rome in 60 BC; and the following year he was elected consul. The highest office in the republican with all the power Caesar allied himself two key people , Pompey & Crassus. Pompey was a war hero who had been badly treated b the Senate, while Crassus was a multi-millionaire. Caesar wanted to pay off Pompey soldiers by giving them public land.

Julius Caesar in battle

Between 58 7 50 BC, Caesar used his expertise in military strategy along with the Roman army training. When battling foreign enemies, Caesar was ruthless. When Caesar was battling he waited until their water supply ran-out and then he would then cut the hand of all the survivors. After Crassus was killed in battle Pompey and Caesar drifted apart, ultimately finding themselves on opposite sides.