Team CuteNails

Recognition and Welcome Newsletter- November 2014

Team Recognition

Selling Star!

This month our selling star was the always Jamazing Jennifer Brower. Jenn had over 850 in PRV. She worked hard and hosted many parties this month to help her get there.

Getting a Personal Retail Volume (PRV) of 500-1499 earns you 35% commission on all sales. That means that she earned a little over $300 in personal commission in November.

Jenn kicked booty in November and held her paid rank of Lead Consultant, that means that she will also have a nice size commission from her team bonus on the 10th of December! Keep up that excellent work Jenn! I am so proud of you!
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Recruiting Stars

This month, we welcomed two new team members to Team CuteNails. Stacey and Andrea both welcomed one new team member to their immediate frontlines...

Bad Mamma Jammas, Team Leader- Stacey Wertz Mann, welcomed Elizabeth Ferrari
Team BEE-utiful Nails, Team Leader- Andrea Keller, welcomed Monica Whinery

Welcome New Consultants!

Team Celebrations!

Rank promotions, holdings and fast start acheivers!

Holding Rank this month
- Andrea Keller, Lead Consultant
- Stacey Wertz-Mann, Lead Consultant
- Jennifer Brower, Lead Consultant

Happy Jamiversary!

Congratulations to the following Jamiversaries that were celebrated this month!

Dihanna Garcia ~ 11/6/2013
Karen Pratt~ 11/29/2013

And to help celebrate early, here are the upcoming Jamiversaries in December.

Christy Reed ~ 12/2/2013
Jessica Lopez ~ 12/2/2013
Liz Hutchins ~ 12/3/2013
Kelly Voorhies ~ 12/4/2013
David Sanchez Jr ~ 12/4/2013
Jennifer Brower ~ 12/12/2013
Carrie Ross ~ 12/12/2013

Happy Birthday!

The following team members celebrated birthdays this month!

Noemi Valencia~ November 16th
Cassie Riddell ~ November 16th
Deb Pallo ~ November 17th
Bettina Gaitan ~ November 25th
Susan Crater- November 28th

Upcoming Birthdays are as follows:
Christy Reed ~ December 6th
Karen Pratt ~ December 9th
Savannah Garcia~ December 11th
Heather Williams ~ December 14th
Margie Montez ~ December 15th
Abby Harris-Correll ~ December 31st

If I missed your birthday, please make sure to fill out the team info form.

Important News!

Cancellations are happening!

As you all know, one of the requirements for remaining a Jamberry Nails consultant is to meet a PRV of 600 in a 12 month rolling period. This month we had several cancellations that I thought happened in error, but the error was my interpretation of the rolling 12 month period.

Here is some clarification: Each consultant must sell 600 PRV in their first year when they join Jamberry Nails. After that, they must have 600 total in a 12 month period in order to remain active.

Example: Sally joined October 2013, she has until October 2014 to have over 600 prv. Then each month they will re-evaluate her total prv to make sure she is staying at the 600 within the rolling year to qualify. So if she made all her 600 prv her first month (Oct 2013) and did not have any other PRV the next 12 months, then when November 2014 hits, she will no longer have any prv and would be considered inactive and be dropped as a Jamberry Nails Consultant.

It is really important to continue to work your business consistently each month to equal out the 600PRV for the last 12 months. It is also very important to understand the rolling 12 month period to avoid having team members dropped as a member of your downline. For further clarification, please view the compensation video on the training tab on your workstation. The video pertaining to this is titled Cancellation Policy. You can also view it here:

Let's pink out the map!

Team CuteNails is currently represented in 10 of the 50 states. Let's pink out the map! Do you have friends in any of these states? Let's share the opportunity and watch our team grow!

We lost a few team members in September, so currently have 56 members. Let's focus on building our teams wide and sharing Jamberry Nails with all of the US!! Invite a friend to share in this Jamazing business with you!
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Team CuteNails Information Form

To better serve you, please take a moment to fill out the form below if you haven't already. I love to know all about you and get a little insight on how better to coach you be as successful as you can. Thank you to all who have already previously filled it out.

Team CuteNails Information Form

Update your personal info!

It is extremely important that your contact information is correct in the workstation. This is the main communication being used by the Jamberry Home Office, our upline executives and me. Please make sure that you are keeping your personal contact information current in the workstation. If you are not receiving emails from Michelle, Lori, Jamberry Nails or myself, please log in to the workstation and make sure you click on My Account > Email Preferences.

New Incentive Trip

Keep an eye open for the new Incentive trip announcement in January! We are also anticipating a promotion to help us get a jump start on trip points in January! It is extremely important to book a solid January and hit the year running with Jamberry Nails. I am offering an incentive for all those who book a home party with me in January to get my calendar front loaded so that I can take advantage of whatever incentive the Home Office puts forth.

JamCon 2015

Jamberry Nails announced the National Convention dates and location for 2015. It will be in Dallas, TX as the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Resort! I am so excited and would love to see all of you there!! The Gaylord is a beautiful hotel. The ticket prices should be announced in January and details for hotel prices should be shortly after that. Anticipate total price, with airfare, if needed, to be roughly $1000. That is a bit of money, but can be saved and paid for with all of your Jamberry Nails commissions! Just simply set aside $200 from each month's paycheck to go toward the convention in July.

Suggestions for saving on the costs:
  • If you are driving distance, why not carpool with other team members, or Jamberry Consultants in your area to save on airfare.
  • Need to fly? Start looking at tickets now! I am local and I can pick you up from the airport, flying into Dallas Love Field may be cheaper as well.
  • Consider sharing a room or suite with other team members. I can book a team suite and fit up to 8 people per room, comfortably!
  • When you get in, we can make a snack run! We can go to the local grocery stores and purchase food for meals that will not be provided by Jamberry. This will help save in restaurant eating.

Of course, all expenses incurred during the National Convention, can be tax write-offs for your business.

Start Planning! Who thinks they will be attending? Fill out this quick survey so I can start planning my team swag bags!

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Life is Better with Friends

Business if so much more fun with friends too!

Do you have a friend that you think would do such a Jamazing job as a Jamberry Nails Consultant? Share the opportunity with her!!! Life is so much better with friends, think about how much more fun you could have with your business when you are building it alongside friends. There is so much Jamberry to go around, that bringing on a friend or family member will only enhance it.

I know at times, sharing the opportunity may be a bit difficult for you. I have created a newsletter that each of you could send out to your possible recruits that would allow for them get a little insight into what being a consultant entails. I have added some typical questions that I normally get about joining. Feel free to share the newsletter. It can be found here.
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Facebook Group Pages

If you are already on Facebook, but not yet part of the the team page or other pages that can help you out in your Jamberry journey, please feel free to add yourself or request admission to the pages (some may be set to private or secret). Below is the page and a short description of how it is useful.

Team CuteNails- Jamberry Nails Independent Consultants This is our main team page, I post challenges, incentives, tips and motivation for everyone that I am Team Manager for. As you sign new members, make sure to add them to this page.

Jamberry Nails Consultants- This is the main page for Jamberry Nails Consultants. Members must be verified by home office as consultants prior to being added to the group. This group is monitored by the home office and had a wealth of information.

Please note that most groups are created by consultants for consultants and are not monitored by Jamberry Nails Home Office. Some of the information, pictures and documents posted in these pages may not be compliant with Jamberry Nails Policies and Procedures. Please make sure you educate yourself with compliance and review the policies and procedures manual. You can click here to access it. It is also located on the workstation: Resources -> Documents -> Policies and Procedures (updated Jan 2014)

Compliant Photos

Make sure that images that you are using on your Facebook, and other social media pages are compliant photos. Home office provides us a slew of compliant photos for use on the Flickr page. Access it here.