Levelland ISD Newsletter

September 9, 2021

Interim Superintendent Baggett's Message

For the next several weeks I plan to write brief statements from one of my favorite books. The book is titled "Make Your Bed" and it was written by Admiral William H. (Bill) McCraven. Admiral McCraven spent thirty-seven (37) years as a Navy SEAL, and he commanded at nearly every level. In his book, he describes 10 lessons for changing the world/dealing with life. The 10 lessons were learned when Admiral McCraven was admitted and participated in the Navy SEAL training early in his career.

Admiral McCrave states, "If you want to change the world:"

1. "Start Off by making your bed." The translation is to start off your day with a completed task. No matter how small the tasks it demonstrates self-discipline, attention to detail, and a reminder that at the end of the day one has done something well.


Kelly Baggett, Interim Superintendent


LISD is spotlighting our Homecoming Court!

It's Homecoming, and we want to introduce the 2021 Homecoming Court!
Freshman Attendee: Aurey Rivas Escorted by Neamiah Campos,

Sophomore Attendee: Mia Escandon Escorted by Taeshaun Jones,

Junior Attendee: Laci White Escorted by Marco Guillen,

Senior Court: Elisa Zamora-Venegas Escorted by Rusty Johnson, Emma Kent Escorted by Dillon Brogden, and Brianna Rodriguez Escorted by Xavier Jackson.

We are so proud of all these outstanding leaders!

On Friday LHS will host a Drive-By of the Homecoming Court at 10:15 am before the 10:30 am Homecoming Pep Rally!

Big picture


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LISD welcomes Matt Buxkemper!

The LISD Board of Trustees appointed Matt Buxkemper to the District 5 School Board position last night! LISD welcomes Mr. Buxkemper, sworn in by Nicki Ramirez, Secretary to the Superintendent! Matt was appointed by the Board to replace outgoing member, Ronnie Watkins. Matt has always lived in Levelland, is married to Breann, and has two children in the LISD school system! Matt, we welcome you and look forward to the perspective that you bring to LISD!

LISD Promotes Parents!

LISD is Promoting Our Parents on all 6 campuses! LISD is so glad to have parents back on campus this year & we are inviting all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles & guardians to leave their business cards in the Promoting Parents Shelf at school. We hope that other parents that visit our campuses will use the cards to call for service. The business can be anything big or small! Some examples are painting, construction, equipment sales, dog grooming, house cleaning, oil & gas industry, a local restaurant, dumpster rental, a clothing store, house sitting, health-food, lawn-mowing, storage, house moving, etc. We invite all of our awesome parents to swing by and place cards on the shelf to grow your businesses, and you might just see another one to grab that will help you out in another way! Thank you to these parents and grandparents who helped get our LISD Promoting Parents Shelves started! You're in the right place!

Goal Setting at LIS!

Students in Mrs. Amanda Marinez's 5th-grade reading classes have gotten into the Growth Mindset Strategy and set goals for themselves. Setting goals for us as adults is second nature, but Mrs. Marinez is taking the goal setting a step further for her students to experience real reading that will help them in their future. Writing something down is the first step to making it happen and there's science behind the idea that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. When students believe that they can achieve a goal through persistence and hard work, they learn to be resilient earn more significant successes. Mrs. Marinez says, "Some goals were: I will practice reading longer words. I will read the words instead of guess at words I don't know. Our class goal is: I will work longer when I am trying to figure something out. I will NOT give up quickly!" Thank you, Mrs. Marinez, for helping your students become life-long learners!

LMS Band Party!

LMS Band Director Gary Owens hosted a Band Party on Friday night for the LMS band members. There was pizza, games, and friends galore! Mr. Owens reminds everyone that students in the school band score 19% higher in English, 17% higher in mathematics, & use more of their brain than those without music education.

September LIS Lobo Leaders

Here are the LIS Lobo Leaders for the month of September 2021! Each month teachers choose one student from their homeroom class who are leaders inside and outside the classroom. They are examples of good character, empathy, and leadership for others. Congratulations LIS Lobos & Loboettes!

Better Together!

Capitol's theme this year is "Better Together!" The Capitol kids have created this beautiful wall in Mrs. Utley‘s room as they discussed each person’s uniqueness and how they can do everything better together!

LIFE Grants Available!

Do you have a great idea that you would like to implement in your classroom or department? Do you need money to bring this to fruition? If so, please take the time to apply for a Teacher Grant from the Levelland ISD Foundation for Excellence (LIFE). These grants are for YOU. The LIFE Foundation has received funds earmarked for these grants. Please apply so these funds can put YOUR plan into action in YOUR classroom.

There are goals and objectives for the LIFE Teacher Grants. Please read those carefully as you prepare your application.

The link for LIFE grants is on our website, but here is the link: https://www.levellandisd.net/245817_2


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