Newsletter Week 4 Term 3

Lauriston School 16th August 2022

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou ma whanau o te kura Kotoku Lauriston,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent E.O.T.C consultation and survey-your feedback has been invaluable for affirming the decision making our team has made in regards to our approach to providing a rich variety of opportunities for our students during their time at Lauriston School-age and stage appropriate.

The following feedback was received from our community:

Whole School Ski Days:

Would you like to see 1 or 2 whole school ski days? (an important consideration for families who either can't participate in Snow Sports and/or in light of recent changes to the Snow Sports Programme)

1 day-67%, 2 days- 33% Result: While some of our community would value two whole school ski days the majority are happy to sustain our current approach offering 1 day up the mountain as a whole school.

Year 0-2 Big Day Out:

Do you want to see these trips stay local within a Mid Canterbury Context or would you like to see us travel outside the area?

40% Would like us to stay local, 6% would value seeing us travel outside the area, with 54% valuing both options over alternate years.

Are there any places or opportunities you would value to suggest for these Y0-2 Big Day Outs?

Thank you for providing our team with these cool ideas:

  • Rakaia Gorge jet boat and walk

  • Orana Wildlife Park or Willowbank to learn about the animals, their habitats and where in the world they originate from.

  • Go to a factory to see how that product is made - fonterra in Darfield?

  • Canterbury museum

  • Awa Awa Reserve, Mt Sunday.

  • Ashburton Lakes

Year 3 Overnight Camp:

How far is too far? Would you prefer to stay local or travel further afield?

73% of our community would like to see our Year 3 overnight remain a local experience, with 7% valuing travel further afield and 20% valuing both opportunities.

Year 4-6 Camp:

What would you prefer? A combined Year 4-6 Camp as has been the pattern set in the past or is it time for a change and provide separate camps for Year 4-5 students and a special end of year camp just for Year 6 students?

79% of our community indicated that they would like to see a change in this space from previous years with our camps separating into a Year 4-5 camp and a Year 6 camp each year moving forward from 2022. Planning is underway by staff for these camps to take place in November 2022 of this year.

Bad Timing:

Is there a "black out time" or a "no go zone" for our rural community and whanau for staff to consider when planning E.O.T.C events i.e calving, harvest, shearing etc.etc...(please indicate approximate dates/weeks/month/months for us to consider)

Thank you for the following feedback-staff have endeavoured to navigate our calendar this year around our rural communities needs, however it is helpful to have fresh perspective voiced and shared:

Spring is awful for us, helping September being the worst. Harvest is also extremely hard Start to mid February is the hardest

Harvest- start of January to end of March. Calving and lambing- July - October.

August - calving. Bad time for the whole ski day. Should provide transport options for EOTC instead of telling unaccompanied 9 year olds to take public transport to Mt Hutt for the ski program. Disappointing that the school will organise my car to be filled up with other kids for school camps but won't provide the same support for farmers when they are working.

Mid July until late September/early October are especially busy

Calving august-September.

With a partner who is a deputy principal who can't take time out to parent help during term time, it makes it difficult for me as any time off work is taken from my annual leave. For example our recent trip to the UK has left me with no more annual for the remainder of this year. It's a very difficult position to be in when it comes to living with 20 days annual leave per year and having to plan that wisely so as to have time for me and my family. For example, I'm already struggling to commit to the whole school ski day. I choose combined y4 - 6 camps as separating them puts more pressure on the parents who work 9 - 5 jobs with limited annual leave with 2 children who will be year 4 and year 5 next year. We are most likely among very few who are in this position at a largely farming school. I appreciate the opportunity to provide my perspective. I acknowledge the wonderful work that has gone into providing a great EOTC experience for our children and the offering of such diverse and rich learning experiences outside the classroom. I regret my lack of availability to parent help. It's both unfortunate for me and our girls.

Harvest will affect families until the end of March, calving/lambing August/Sept.

Calving/Lambing (August-September )

Calving - mid July to mid September

Forgot to mention mating (end of oct - early dec)

Calving Mid July - Mid September

We struggle to get off farm over calving mid July - mid September

Nga mihi nui

Colin Brodie


Opuke Kahui Ako Staff Only Afternoon

Opuke Kahui Ako Staff Only Day-23 August

Your voice is important to us. Following the survey responses and reflecting on the landscape of our rural community following winter weather, winter illness and the demands of this time of year, we as a staff have decided to keep the school open for supervision next Tuesday afternoon for families who would benefit from having their children remain at school until the usual pick up time of 2.30pm.

We do this to help ease any pressure that may sit on families juggling a staff only day in the afternoon and a whole school ski day visit the following day.

Buses will run at the earlier time of 12.30pm including the Methven and Mitcham shuttles. For those children remaining on site - whanau will need to arrange their own pick up from school.

Can you please indicate via email or text message to the school office (not the class teacher) what the plans will be for your child / ren on this day so we can plan accordingly.


We have had 2 new families join us recently. Miender and Myla Bulosan have enrolled their daughter Mikayla and Destiny Brensell & Keagan Colloty-Williams have enrolled their daughter Paisley. Both girls have joined the Mt Alford class as new entrants and we wish both families a long and happy association with Lauriston School.

Birthday Celebrations

Last week we had James McNally who turned 10 on the 11th August and Archie Mohi who turned 8 on the 13th - we hope you both had very happy days!

BOT Elections

A reminder that nominations for the upcoming election close at 12.00 noon tomorrow, Wednesday 17th August.

Upcoming Events

  • Snow Sports Programme - 6th & 13th September
  • Winter Tournament Yr 5 & 6 - 18th August
  • Opuke Staff Only Afternoon - 23rd August
  • Whole School Ski Day - 24th August
  • Whole School Speech Finals - 26th August
  • Cluster Speech Finals @ Lauriston -30th August
  • Yr 5 & 6 Rotary Speech Finals - 7th September
  • Hangi - 9th September
  • Zone Winter Tournament - 15th September
  • BOT Meeting 7pm - 19th September
  • Opuke Cultural Festival - 22nd September with PP 23rd
  • Pet Day - End of Term Three - 30th September

Last Week in Mt Alford

In Mt Alford we have been doing storytelling using a shared book called The King’s Lunch. First we read the story. Then we created crowns. We made a story map and acted out the story. The last thing we did was to write about which part of the story we liked the most. We are getting really good at sounding out our words.

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Last Week in Mt Harper

This week we are learning about Mexico. We have learnt that Spanish is the most common language spoken in Mexico and have been sharing what words we already know - hola (hello), adios/chow (goodbye), blanco (white), gracias (thank you) and amigo (friend). Olivia has been a wonderful helper as Spanish is the official language of Colombia. Later in the week we will be making sombreros.

We also recently conducted an experiment to see the effect that water has on different coloured felt tip pens. We were amazed to see how many colours there are within each pen which led to some fantastic discussion about why that might be.

A big congratulations to Olivia and Leo who were awarded this weeks class certificates.

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Last Week in Mt Hutt

Another week down in Mt Hutt and we can't believe we are in week 4 already! Our time largely involves speech writing and poem practice at this time of year. We have been learning about all the important factors that make a speech including persuasive language and sentence starters as well as the importance of vocals and hand gestures. This week we have completed writing our speeches and now we are onto typing our speeches so we are ready to print them and make cue cards.

Other highlights of our week involve the fantastic rippa rugby sessions, completing Jump Jam with the sessions, celebrating our new families with the school powhiri and looking after the chickens.

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Mt Winterslow Happenings

2022 Speech Writing

I would like to thank our parents with supporting their child with their speeches. Mt Winterslow

are now busy memorizing speeches and practising to say them out aloud focusing on voice

projection, voice clarity, expression, eye contact and confidence. Mt Winterslow will join Mt Hutt next week to present speeches to an audience.


Congratulations to Annabel Maw for using reading strategies to write detailed recounts of the

text and Farrah Wilson for showing Hiringa - determination with leadership in the classroom.

Ka Mau te Wehi!

Paper Mache Ngahere

Mt Winterslow have worked extremely hard to complete our Ngahere as part of our

Matariki and Bird Highway inquiry topics. Students learnt a lot about the process of making

models by researching how to make paper-mache models using cardboard cut outs,

newspaper to form the body shape of their chosen Ngahere and tape. Mixing glue to make

the perfect consistency to paste pieces of paper made our model sturdy. Making beaks and

feet was a challenge as students had to cut cardboard to make 3D shapes for the beaks and

use pipe cleaners and pieces of wood for the feet. Blending colours together to make our

Ngahere look natural and realistic showed great creativity and lastly we used plaster of paris

to make our base, then painted it to suit the environment. Students are very proud of their

creations. They look amazing!

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Last Week in Mt Somers

On Friday Charlie Quinlan had a big fundraiser for Starship Hospital. He ran a sausage sizzle and a mufti day. At school he fundraised about $420. He had been growing his mullet since the first lockdown. Lots of people sponsored him to have his hair cut off. Livvy, from Clippers hairdressers, came to school to cut his hair. Altogether he fundraised $1340. He would like to thank everyone who supported this great cause.

On Sunday, our Jump Jam team travelled to Ellesmere College to compete in the Strictly Jump Jam competition. There were 6 teams competing in their section, in teams of 8-16. Our team, Lauriston Legends, included Livi, Poppy, Genevieve, Olivia, Sasami, Sophia, Katie, Izzy, Willow, and Ava. Henrietta and Isobel were also in the team but unfortunately they were unable to be there on the day. Our team was first on stage in their category. It was pretty nerve racking for them, but once they got on the stage they calmed down. Brett Fairweather, the organiser of the event, said that they had set a high standard for the other teams. Overall it was a good experience and they performed very well.

Some of our class has started working with Mrs Chambers on the school mural. So far they have planned what it will look like and chosen the ngahere (animals and plants) that will feature on it. Yesterday they sketched the animals and today they are using a projector to enlarge them onto big sheets of plywood.

In class we are looking forward to Winter Tournament on Thursday and we are also practicing hard for the speech competitions next week.

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Canteen lunch on Friday.

This week we are offering spaghetti and cheese toasties. Please return your order with money in an envelope by Thursday.


Number of toasties @ $1.50 each________________

Gluten free option ___________________

No cheese option ___________________

Vegan option__________

Total amount of money $___________

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If anybody knows of a house to rent between Lyndhurst and Ashburton with 2 plu bedrooms for a family - please make contact with Sharleen on 0277177445
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