Life of the Football Cleat

James Goff

A day in the life of football cleats

Comfortable and tight, these cleats are the beast around. Where ever I go, all I have to do is take a step and that foot won't move till I lift it up. Sharp turns are now easier to take thanks to the spikes on the bottom of this shoe. They are also very light so my feet won't get tired so quickly. The only problem is I can't go inside. All 14 spikes would ruin the wooden floor we have. Only if I could get to the carpet then I could be inside. Oh well guess I'm stuck outside playing this awesome sport called football.

Timeline of our amazing cleats

King Henry 3 created the cleat in 1576- the first football game was played in 1869- One of the first pair of cleats was made in the late 1800s- The football cleat applying tool was made by Albee William Henry in 1926- Henry G. Powning made the first football cleat-

To be a better football player than you've ever been, you have to do something you've never done

Let's connect this to my passion

Football cleats show that one of my passions in life is football. Without the cleats, I would probably be a horrible player. If someone asked me who my favorite celebrity is I would answer with a football player rather than a real celebrity. So I'm pretty much like a human programmed to like football and play it.

Let's go Steelers

I've always grown up as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I just can't wait to see what they do this year.