Room 106 News

January 29, 2016

Coming up in the month of February:

February 5 - No Community Outing

February 12 - YMCA and Wendy's ($, if you wish to purchase lunch)

February 19 - SkyZone

February 26 - Cross Country Skiing - CARES

Community Signs

This week, we began a Community unit focusing on safety signs. Students are learning to use the onset sounds of these safety signs to help recall the sign and what it means. This week we focused on Beware of Dog, Caution, and Do Not Enter.

Tuesday, Officer Phil came to teach students about safety

Wednesday, Speech Group- What's in the Surprise Box . . . ?

Thursday, OT Group- Edible Snowmen!

Other OT highlights: Teacher Tables, Work Stations, and Classes

Have a great weekend!