*est. 2015

Ira Goins block 4 12-2-15

Advantage : A sole proprietorship- I own the business myself. I make my own decisions. I have limited liability. Disadvantage :if something happens to me my business fails.

We sell Our famous chicken sandwiches , strips, and fingers and have served over 12,000 satisfied customers! So chick fil a would want to combine with us because we sell similar stuff.Plenty of room to move around and we have play areas for children.Factors of production are 1) land - location 2) labor - workers 3) physical capital - building and appliances 4) human capital - cooking knowledge 4) entrepreneur - Ira Goins

I am going to plan on taking this business and making it a multi-national corporation because I think it will help the business get more popular in other parts of the world

Now hiring!! *must be 18. See manager up front.

Business hours : Mon-Fri 7am-10pm

Sat and Sun 7am-12pm