Child Labor


Where does Child Labor happen?

(top 10 of 2014)

Some of these countries are:

  • Somalia

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Myanmar

  • Sudan

  • Afghanistan

  • Pakistan

  • Zimbabwe

  • Yemen.

  • Burundi

  • Nigeria

  • Eritrea

  • (top 10 of 2014)

Why these countries?

Child Labor is mainly found in developing countries where they are less fortunate.

What companies have their products made in these conditions?

Puma - West Germany, Nestle - Switzerland, J.C Penny - US, Hanes - North Carolina US, Wal-Mart - Arkansas, US

Products made by these TNC's?

Nestle – Chocolate/Coffee

Puma – Athletics Gear

Walmart – Clothing, food etc.

Regions products sold in?

Nestle – 197 Countries: Australia, USA and Switzerland.

PUMA – 47: Countries China, Australia, USA.

Walmart – 28 Countries: USA, Mexico, Japan and UK.

Work and labor that must be done.

Sewing clothing, Factory Work, Assembling Products, etc.


6 - 36 cents per hour

Working Conditions

The children work in dangerous factories where their safety is not guaranteed. Some children develop disabilities or don’t develop at all.

Benefits of child labor to TNC's.

It is easier for TNC’s as it is a lot cheaper and in the long term these prices add up.

Why is child labor allowed to occur?

In certain countries this is allowed to occur as the government does not have strict rules about the age a child can work at. The government also profits from it and builds up the country.