The London Times

A Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. London's Class December 16-20

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

This week in language arts our phonics and spelling rule was -ue and -ew. We practiced this with poetry, decodable readers, word sorts and our spelling words. In grammar we learned about the articles -a and -an, and also introduced verbs. We also continued to learn about the comprehension strategy of cause and effect, and reviewed main idea by listening to the story How Do You Know It's Winter By Allan Fowler. We continued to practice reading with inflection and fluency in our guided reading groups and reviewed our story elements when retelling the stories we read. In our literacy centers we wrote about what we know about winter, practiced abc order, reviewed punctuation, read stories about winter, and used magazines to cut out words on our word wall. In writer's workshop we continued the editing process for our small moment story we are publishing. We have started to publish our stories and look forward to our publishing party when we return for break. We also finished our writing about what it would be like if we lived in a snow globe! We then illustrated our writing using a picture of ourselves and finished the project by putting salt in an enclosed clear plate that covered our illustration to look like a snow globe! They came out fantastic! We hope you enjoy the pictures!


In math this we finished chapter nine on telling time using clocks and took our math test on Tuesday. We started chapter ten which continues with time and calendar. The vocabulary that the chapter focuses on is A.M., P.M., calendar, month, week, and year. To begin thinking about A.M. and P.M. we divided a piece of paper and wrote/illustrated something we do in the A.M. and something we do in the P.M. We look forward to working with the January calendar when we return from Winter Break!

We also used an app on the iPad called Book Creator to participate with another class in another state who asked us to create a book on different strategies to make ten, and then swap books with them. Each student created their own page with their own strategy and then recorded their voice to explain how they made ten. We then shared our book with the first grade class in Newtown Square, PA and they shared their book with us! It was a fun project and we hope to be able to skype with our new friends soon!

Social Studies/Science

This week in social studies we finished our community for our culminating project for the unit on Where We Live. The students worked in teams and used legos to create community places of their choice (they picked a hospital, fire station, Yogli Mogli, and Chuck-e-Cheese)! They also drew and cut out other community places such as resturants, nail salons, swimming pools, a community garden, a vet, a school, playgrounds, trees, flowers, stop lights, and animals to add to the community. We then added it all, including the houses they made last week, to our community. Next, students worked in teams to name our four streets. The street names were Jewish Drive, Atlanta Drive, Star Street, and Green Star Road. Finally, the students had to use a toy car and start at their house and pick a place in the community they wanted to go. They then had to write in sequence how they would get there using the street names and the directional words north, south, east, and west. The students had a wonderful time with this project, and it was so great to see them working together as a team to make the community. We hope you enjoy the pictures!


Dear 1st grade parents,

Hurray to the 1st graders!- This week they all completed their 2nd ARIOT book and started the 3rd! Mazal Tov!

We learned the family letters of: כּ KAF, כ CHAF and ך CHAF SOFIT.

The verb this past week was כּוֹתֵב -write (KOTEV). We read the story מה בכד? -What’s in the jar? and studied the following vocabulary:

כד- jar (KAD)

כדים-jars (KADIM)

כיתה- classroom (KITAH)

כחול- blue (KACHOL)

כואב- hurts (KOEV)

Shabbat shalom,

Galia Sabbag

Jewish Studies

This week in Jewish Studies we finished learning about greeting others by welcoming teachers and staff members into our classroom. The students showed off everything they learned and were wonderful hosts to the class guests!

Have a fantastic break!

Ms. Solmson

Weekly Note from Mrs. London

We had a wonderful week of learning ! The students really enjoyed all of the hands on projects that they created this week. Thank you to Dyann Diamond for being our Mystery Reader! We also enjoyed celebrating Noah's birthday on Friday!

I wish all of your a very happy and healthy New Year! I can't wait to see all of your children in 2014! Happy New Year!

Shabbat Shalom,


Important Dates

Monday December 23- Winter Break until Monday, January 6

Friday, January 17: Field Trip to Jewish Home from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. All parents are welcome to meet us at the Jewish Home for the field trip.