Instructional Game Plan

Shuford Elementary

MVP - Most Valuable Practices

2nd Grade has hit the blended road running hard!

Students are completing and turning in assignments through Canvas and parents are able to keep up with their child's work with their parent account.

They have students complete an assignment on Canvas each day during math and reading stations. In reading, students have watched videos about the different types of sentences, verbs, citizenship, and life cycles. In math students watch videos to reinforce what they learn in the whole group lesson for the day. They have watched videos about math mountains and fact families. They also enjoy listening to the songs we have posted like "Odd Todd and Even Steven" and raps about adding doubles. Students complete a short assignment after each video. For example, students had to type the four stages of the butterfly life cycle after watching a video online. Students have also participated in discussions where they can read each others opinions and like and comment on others posts. In our last discussion, students had to answer whether they think using math mountains are helpful or not and tell why.

Game Strategies

Time to kick-off guided reading groups.

Here is a great article to get you started!

Guided Reading


Check out these great ideas from Scholastic!

Tips for Getting Your Guided Reading Groups Started Quickly

Just Blend It.

This Monday, September 21st, Ms. Mrazek will be meeting with each grade level during your planning to Just Blend It! Dr. Jayme Linton will also be joining us! Here are a few things she will be doing in our building this year!

  • Provide coaching for teachers on blended and online learning

  • Provide support for the blended learning team

  • Assist with designing and facilitating blended instruction for students

  • Assist with development of in-district online learning offerings

  • Assist with development and facilitation of blended and online professional learning experiences for teachers

  • Support district technology initiatives, as needed

Blogs, Baby!!

First Grade Blue Skies

(now in kindergarten)

Elementary Shenanigans

(teaches at the Ron Clark Academy)

Image Credit: First Grade Blue Skies

Tech Time!!!

Check out Zaption!

Zaption turns videos into interactive learning experiences!

Image Credit: YouTube

Game Schedule

Priority Committees-begin October 1st (1st Wed. of each month)

Digital Days and Vocabulary Training-

October 2nd

THRIVE- begins October 6th

Fun Friday- October 9th and October 30th

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