Registered Nurse

Heather Lindahl, Period7/8


To become and Registered Nurse you need three years of school to get your bachelors degree. Always have a really good positive attitude to become a nurse.You need to always have a smile on your face when your talking care of someone because their there for a reason an when you come in with a good attitude towards everyone, That could make someones day even with any reason they may be their.Also, for me to become a nurse I really need to study and go to different hospitals to learn all the codes and rules to be working in a hospital.The reasons why I want to be a nurse because I like helping people and to see someones else smile and be happy makes my day to know they are getting the rite help they need to become better.When I was younger going to the hospital meant there was something wrong, Now that I became older I like helping people get better. I like knowing I made someones day better even if my day was bad. As long a I can make a difference or help anything or anyone will keep a smile on my face. When my grandma passed always when I was young I wished I knew the reason and all about it , Or at least something about it I could of probably made a difference in my grandmas life I could of stopped or better yet saved someone that meant the most to me. Ever since then I became more mature and realized don't live in the past live in the future.

Nursing <3


While training to get your baclhers degree I will probably have a job to support me till i'm ready to become a full time nurse. I want to make difference and help people in life. Knowing that I will sooner or later complete my goal and will bring up my self esteem up. Also one step closer to finishing my bucket list.