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Fall Edition/Édition de l'automne

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Welcome to our On-Line Student Newspaper!

Dear Families,

Last year, a group of talented writers, illustrators and puzzle-creators began to put a weekly item in our Weekly Update. This year, we are expanding! The Greenie's Grapevine Team includes: Lucas E., Jordan S., Liz S., Matthew E., Ewan J., Sky M., Jordan F., Cambell, Maggie, Mme Peart and Mme Creighton. We look forward to welcoming new members as word of this exciting endeavour spreads!

Our Team has worked hard to put together the Fall Edition of Greenie's Grapevine: they interviewed the staff who are coaching our Fall Teams, wrote a news article to describe the important leadership role of our "Morning Announcers", created two word searches, researched "Faits Amusants" about healthy habits for athletes, and drew pictures to go with their news articles and items.

We hope you enjoy our very first edition!

The Greenie's Grapevine Team

An Interview with Mrs. Davey: Running Club

From Mrs. Davey, "Anyone can do it, it's healthy and fun!" Running club is where coaches can connect with kids and share their passion for running. Mrs. Davey says, "As a kid, I didn't race." Though she kept a healthy and strong body. Remember, if you plan on doing the road races in the spring, it can be a good idea to join. Also, any staff members can help. All running club members meet on Wednesdays at 10:55 at the track.

Greenie's Trivia

Did you know that kids to the announcements? Well, it's true! Me (Elizabeth) and my partner Aiden do the announcements every day! Most people don't think we do it every day, but we do. It's actually pretty fun pressing all of the buttons for "Oh Canada" and printing all of the announcements and [knowing] when to turn on the announcement system. Thanks for reading Greenie's Grapevine!

An Interview with M Jacques: Soccer Coach

The soccer tournament took place at Woodbine Park on Sept. 26th. M Jacques likes to coach because he likes teaching classes and playing soccer, so coaching the team is being a teacher for soccer. M Jacques and Mr. Morrison decided who would be the coach by arm wrestling, and whoever won (which was M Jacques) would get to coach the girls team. Mr. Morrison coached the boys and the co-ed teams. M Jacques still plays soccer up to this day on 2 different teams!

Henderson Hawks Word Searches

Please use the attachment below to print out the word searches. Enjoy!

Les faits amusants (Fun Facts!)

Combien d'heures de sommeil les enfants ont-ils besoin?

Enfants d'âge préscolaire (3-5): 10-13 heures

Enfants d'âge scolaire (6-13): 9-11 heures

Adolescents (14-17): 8-10 heures

Bonne nuit, les enfants!