Wild Wolves!!!

By: Sabrina

Types of Wolves

Have you ever wondered what kinds of wolves there are and what they look like?

The Gray Wolf / Timber Wolf is white and gray. They are the wolves in most fairytales.

The Red Wolf has brown, gray, and orange fur and is endangered. The maned Wolf isn't a real wolf, it's actually a fox. Those are just 3 types of wolves and there are many more.

A Wolves's diet

Wolves eat a lot! A Wolf's most popular food are mammals. They eat deer, elk, rabbit, moose, and much more. Young pups eat small things like birds and mice. Wolves in fairytales don't eat the same thing that they eat in real life.

These are just some examples of what wolves eat.

Where Wolves Live

Wolves live in a lot of places. Even though wolves are endangered, Gray wolves live in 48 states! But not all wolves live in North America. Most live in Europe or Asia. Some wolves, like the Red and Mexican, live in the desert. The Gray Wolf and Snow Wolf live in the forest. These are just some of the places that wolves live.
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Life Cycle

Did you ever wonder how wolves raise their pups? When a pup is born, it stays in a den with it's mom. At 3 weeks, wolf pups are very playful. When the pups are 3 months old, they learn to hunt and they join the pack. That is the childhood of a wolf.

Part of the Pack

Did you ever wonder how wolves live in a pack together? All members in a wolf pack are related. There can be 6-20 members! There are 2 leaders in a pack. They are the alpha male and female. Now you know all about wolf families.

Game Wolves

Wolves are popular in video games. Some are very realistic, while others look like people in costumes or cartoons. Most of them are gray wolves as you can see in the pictures below...


  1. Mammals- An animal that has fur or hair and breaths air
  2. Hunt- To kill an animal and eat it
  3. Related- To be in the same family or group
  4. Endangered- Close to extinction