Thomas Paine

Contributions to Ending the Revolutionary War

Birth / Death Info.

-Thomas Paine was born in Norfolk, England.

-Tom was born on a Saturday on January 29, 1737

-Paine died in Greenland village, New York city

-Tom died on June 8, 1809, peacefully in his sleep.

-He lived to be 72 years old.

Childhood / Family

-Thomas had a Quaker father and an Anglican mother

-Toms parents are Joseph Paine and Frances Cocke.

-Tom LOVED science but failed school

-He later worked as an officer of the excise at this job.

-At age 13, Tom started working with his father as a stay maker.

Important life events

-Common sense was published on January 10, 1776, After Lexington and Concord.

-Enrolls at Thetford at Grammar School. Studies there until 1749

-Moves home to parents and starts studying to join the excise service


-Tom wrote songs in the war that inspired soldiers.

-Tom was one of the greatness promotes of human rights

-Wrote common sense which helped inspire American rev.

Interesting Facts

-At age 12, Tom failed out of school

-At 19, Paine went out to sea

-In 1768, he found himself in England

Purpose of event

-Inspired people in the 13 colonies to declare and fight for independence from great Britian

-Explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence in clear , language.

-Had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in american history

-He connected Independence with common dissenting protestant belifs as means to present american identity

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