Marianne Bianco & Breanna Kasson

Her Story

Cassiopeia was the beautiful wife of Cepheus and the mother of Andromeda. She was very caught up in her own beauty and boasted her beauty in the face of the gods. Because of this, Neptune sent a sea monster to cause chaos on the kingdoms coast. He said that if they didn't sacrifice their daughter, he would destroy their castle. Luckily, Perseus came and slayed the monster before anything bad could happen. Later on, Andromeda and Perseus were married. Cassiopeia didn't agree with their marriage and Perseus showed her the head of Medusa in his frustration. She was instantly turned to stone. In one final act to embarrass her, Neptune sent her body into the heavens, where she sits, with her head facing the Northern Star, Polaris.

Her Constellation

Stars and More!

Cassiopeia is seen clearest in early November, but she is visible year round. Her constellation is made up of 5 stars, 4 of which have planets. One of her stars, Alpha Cassiopeiae, is a double star.