Why ADC takes more skill than APC.

Cody Pence

The Mechanics of ADC.

The mechanics of an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) is quite simple, but too master them is not easy. As an ADC you are more right clicking than anything else. There are not a lot of skills used but there are a few exceptions. To play as ADC at top tier your mechanics have to be on point. Your split second decision making has to be top notch and your positioning has to be perfect. An entire game after 30 minutes is on your shoulders.
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Lane Phase

Early game you are very weak, so fighting is a huge pain. Csing is a BIG deal. you have to learn how to work with your support, as 2v2s are a lot more strategic. You have to rely on your partner, and they have to rely on you. CS is your main priority and everything else comes in second.
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Positioning is big in this game in general. Its difficult for both ADC and APC. But its different in many ways. In the picture above you see i am over extended. And i take unnecessary damage because of it. That now leads to an advantage on my enemy's side. All because of that little mistake. In team fights you are in the back. Use the range for your advantage, and hit the one closest to you. yeah you may be hitting the tank for a bit, but damage is damage. It is a lot better than standing their doing nothing. As ADC you have to watch because everyone is going for you. You are the target. And the enemy team wants you dead as soon as possible.
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As an ADC you need to understand basic to very mature rotations. You need to know when to stay and cs or when to move around. In the picture above me and my APC rotate to another lane to apply pressure. The downside is, the time that it takes to rotate, is time i'm wasting not getting gold.
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Supports are the reason why you stay alive in the game. They are basically your baby sitter. An APC doesnt have this. They are by themselves in a 1v1. As an ADC you are required to work with this random person. You have to deal and work with another living person and work with them no matter how bad or good they are. Most of the time you get people who are willing to work with you because they support regularly but sometimes at low elo you get the guys who were put into support because the other roles were taken and want to make your life miserable.
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As an APC you get to stay in lane by yourself. If you make a mistake then its your fault and you have no one to blame but yourself. As ADC its much different. You have a support. so that means the lane is a 2v2. Team work is huge. You will not win the lane with out it. You have to know the match ups and they synergies well. In Soloq you are put up with a completely random person. So you have to work with somoeone completely different, with different play styles, every game. As APC you only have to worry about yourself, your opponent, and the enemy jungler.
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CSing is big. I cant stress that enough. As an APC yeah it may be a bit harder to CS because you have no AD, but you can use skills and can roam. As an ADC your #1 source of income is CSing. Kills help but with the damage you do in the beginning its more than challenging to accomplish against players that are not stupid.
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Pushing and Map Pressure

In the picture above i successfully take out a tower for free. If you notice their entire team is mid except for 1 who is top. Since i am an ADC i push down the tower A LOT faster than their person top lane. I took this tower in seconds. Then i was able to rotate mid and fight the 5v4 before she could get the top outer tower. So not only did I apply pressure and take a tower that will never respawn. I also pushed the enemy team back from where they were and gave my team the advantage. As an APC you have no AD. So you cant push towers as spells dont affect towers. Yeah you can push waves but you cant push down towers. waves can be cleared. Towers can not.
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End Game

With proper team work you can easily win. If everyone does their job perfectly then you win. In the picture above I get a triple because of my team and my positioning. Since I did my job as an ADC we were able to successfully able to win the team fight and push towers and win even tho being behind a majority of the game.


After reading this passage i hope you see why ADC takes more skill than APC both mechanically and mentally. The roles are similar but very different. I know APC is not easy. No role played well is easy. But ADC takes more skill and the hardest to master. It is the easiest to pick up but hardest to master.