Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 29

Math, Science, Social Studies

March 21st - 24th

Class photos are this Wednesday.

No School This Friday

Spring Break March 25th - April 4th

Congratulations to Osey & Camille and Ford & Cade for being elected as class president and class Vice President in each class. I am so proud of how all students were happy and encouraging of their classmates during the voting process. Parents, you did an AMAZING jobs on the posters! I recall saying that the project did not have to be a big to-do project and something to worry about. I wasn't expecting you all to go all out! I LOVED seeing the slogans and play on words used with some of the posters! They were very creative and we love them all! We smiled a lot last week because of those posters! Thank you for your hard work. It was very apparent that you all worked very hard.

Test Schedule

Thursday, March 24th

Magnets Quiz (Review with the Science link below if needed)

+8 Math Facts (Timed)


Due on or before March 24th

Math - 16.1 - 16. 3

+8 Math Facts


This week we will be working on Chapter 16 Subtraction Strategies as well as daily Excel lessons. +8 Math Facts this week.

PLEASE practice the remaining math cards on the Rainbow math system if your child is still on the addition and subtraction set. I can really tell a difference on math scores from those who practice math facts and who do not. Students should know all math facts through 20 by the end of 1st grade.


This week we will continue our lessons on magnets with readings from our textbook as well as some exploration activities.
Click Here for Science Review

Simple Machines, Magnets

Social Studies

We will work in our Maps Globes and Graphs book this week as well as spend time on our IOWA prep packets. We will continue to practice learning all of the presidents as we can with our song. The kids are doing wonderful and many already know all 44 presidents in order!

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