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Digital Teaching and Learning @PCHS │ March 13, 2017

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Digital Ideas for When Students are Absent

Students are absent, maybe 1 or 2, maybe a large number. Managing 1 or 2 students absent is one thing, managing a higher percentage can be something different. Perhaps it’s a field trip, perhaps it’s widespread illness, perhaps it’s the weather or perhaps it’s testing; whatever the reason, we all want to make the most of our class time and stay on course. How do you make this class time valuable for students present without the others missing out? Let’s explore some digital options!

  • Try having your students create tutorials or instructional videos for you. They can use tools like iMovie, Stop Motion, Explain Everything, Keynote, or Google Slides. You get to keep these and use the best ones next year.
  • Jigsaw the lesson. Different groups create videos for different portions of the lesson. Use the videos as a flipped lesson so they get the material and you get to focus on using class time for questions and application.
  • Have students create Kahoots for the entire class. Don’t forget to have them include related images (and cite them). The app for playing Kahoots is available in the ASD20 Catalog.
  • Have a Quizlet "Live” experience. Use a Quizlet set you’ve already created, have the student create one, or search for sets created with others already linked to your course materials.
  • Explore a new tool or have the students explore one that you’ve been interested in trying.
  • Try a Google Slides Jeopardy style game. Follow the link and the direction to copy the template to your own Google Drive.

Need some additional ideas? Try these sites:

Visit our Digital Teaching and Learning Resources Google Drive Folder for more information and this post.

What can your Digital Learning Coach do for you?

  • Share with you what tools we have available to you and your students
  • Show you how to use the tools we have
  • Push out course-specific apps to you and your students
  • Co-teach with you so that you can focus on the content and I can focus on the tool and any digital issues
  • Trouble-shoot issues, iPad and Desktop
  • Share our Vision and what it means as we travel down the road towards making that it real
  • Help you plan and reflect on lessons using digital tools
  • Provide Digital Citizenship tips and resources

I'm here to serve you!