5th Grade Band Notes

March 16, 2015

Band Concert next Tuesday!

Our second band concert is next week on Tuesday, March 24th. The students have been working extremely hard and have made a ton of progress since our December concert. This concert is not at Schiesher- it is at the High School. The students need to arrive at 6:30 to the auditorium stage (turn right as soon as you walk in the front door and you won’t miss it.) The concert will begin promptly at 7:00 with our performance. I anticipate our portion of the performance to go from 7:00 until about 7:10 so make sure you come on time! This concert features all 5th through 12th grade band students in Lisle District 202. Please plan on staying for the entire concert. It is important for the 5th graders to hear the older groups that they will be performing with in the coming years.

We will still be having our normal Tuesday after-school rehearsal before the concert on the 24th. Since rehearsal goes until 4:30 and the students have to be back at 6:30, I recommend that pick your child up from the high school after rehearsal if you are able to. If you are not able to, that is fine- just be prepared for a quick turnaround when they get home.

District 202 Band Festival

Tuesday, March 24th, 7pm

1800 Short Street

Lisle, IL

Concert Night Agenda

4:30 PM- After-school band rehearsal ends and students head home to eat, change, and relax for a little while

6:30 PM- Students arrive to the high school and report to the Auditorium Stage. Students will quietly set their instruments up and warm-up.

6:50 PM- Students will walk to the gym together and sit in their seats

7:00 PM- 5th Grade Band performs

7:25 (approximately)- During the switch-over of bands, students will go back to the auditorium and quickly put their instruments away. Students will then come back to the gym, find their parents in the bleachers, and sit with them for the remainder of the evening. This entire process should take no more than 5 minutes.

8:30 PM- Concert is over and students are free to go

Chocolate Bunny Delivery

Chocolate bunny orders are being delivered to the high school today and students will be taking their orders home with them at the conclusion of after-school band tomorrow. Please be prepared to provide a ride home for your child if they sold a large quantity of bunnies. Any orders of 30 or greater will be difficult to carry on the bus.

A big thank you to all parents who have volunteered their time to help with bunny distribution the next two days!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the concert or the bunny distribution.