My digital presence

My digital dossier

When I was a baby

My mom and dad had spread the news that I was born to relatives and friends. They sent pictures, explanations and just plain facts.
Eventually I had learned to walk, talk and many other things. my parents also saved pictures of that as well.

When I got older

At this point my mom and dad had took many pictures and videos of me. Also at school I used computers to do work, play on websites etc.
At 7 was the first time I got a device, it was a silver Acer computer. That is when I started to mold my digital dossier. When I was 8 I got a Gmail account and I had friends on who I talked to in google.

School work

At 9 or 10 I started using the internet for school work like projects or homework. I liked using powerpoint a lot, it was the only thing I would use for a presentation.


Now I am 12 and in grade 7 I use the web for mostly gaming and school work. If you search up my gaming username (Don2211) you would find my profile which has nothing on it. I still don't have any pictures of me posted on the internet ;)