Area across the Nile River!

by: Austin Breunig

Ad Sudd

As Sudd is Wet and swampy. It is home to animals and has tall grass. As Sudd is full of wildlife and it isn't highly traveled by humans it is beautiful. This Part of the Nile is still traveled by boat but is slows it down badly. This part makes big turns.


The “Great Bend”

The “Great Bend” has huge curves, it is kind of dry, but the Nile river travels right through it. In that area it is used for hunting and they do a lot of tests on species. This part of the Nile is huge and curvy it makes it impossible for big boats to travel on. This part is famous for its studies and test. Many people protect this area.


Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt is huge and highly populated. It has roads, cars, and towers and full of people. There is a huge bridge over the Nile river for the people to be able to cross easier. 95% the people live alone there, 60% of the area is farm land.


Aswan Dam

Aswan Dam is a dam located in Egypt. It was built from 1960 to 1970 that's a long time! It is located across the Nile River in Aswan, Egypt. The reason the built this dam is because there was a lot of water that created bid terrible floods and a valley. By the Nile river. What the dam does is it controls floods and to generate hydroelectricity. The dam uses turbines and doesn't pollute any of the water. The problem with the dam is that there is less fish and less nutrients for animals that live in the local environment.