Antonio Vivaldi

Anirudh Koneru

Composer of the Baroque Era

Born in the Baroque Era, Antonio Vivaldi is worthy of study for many reasons. One reason is that he wrote many famous works. He wrote and played "The Four Seasons", which is famous even today. Also, he not only wrote compositions for the church, but also wrote music for concert performances. Not many people in the Baroque Era did both. Finally, he was very vigorous in his approach towards music, traveled throughout Europe to share his music, and made changes around him in the musical world.
Antonio Vivaldi - "Summer" from four seasons
Vivaldi: Concerto Grosso in D minor

Vivaldi compared to Scott Joplin

There were many differences between Vivaldi's music and Scott Joplin's music. For example, Scott Joplin's music was ragtime, which was a slow, jazz-like music. One of his pieces was the Maple Leaf Rag. However, Vivaldi's music was much more upbeat. An example of his music is Four Seasons. However, both composers influenced the musical world in similar ways. For example, Vivaldi caused more people to use music as a source of entertainment. Also, Scott Joplin's music caused jazz music to be created. All in all, both Scott Joplin and Antonio Vivaldi have many similarities and differences.