Visible Light


1) seeing color (ROYGBIV)
2) flashlight (uses white light to shine on objects)
3) attract things (like bees to flowers)
4) blend in (animals change color to blend in with their surroundings)

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Wavelength range- 750nm - 400 nm

Frequency range- 4x1014 - 7.5x1014 Hz

New technologys: with fireflies

Summary of articles: These two articles explain the science of the way they take the fireflies chemical substance and use it create different types of glowing light liquid by mixing it with different substances. It also explains how the technology- in the future could lead to the replacement of LED lights.
This type on new technology relates to my em because its creating a new type of visible light. They are literally changing the color of the fireflys chemical light and pushing it to soon become a source of light that could potentially replace our LED lights.
The materials involved are- semiconductor metals – their outer shell is made of cadmium sulfide and their inner core is made of cadmium seleneide. Simple variation of the size of the core, and the length of the rod, defines the color of the light that is produced. They also added luciferase to the nanorod’s surface to cause them to glow.
The impact of the new technology on the world is replacing our lights to work more efficiently and hopefully use the colored light to enhance TV colors.
Date of discovery: June 4, 2012
People that introduced technology: Syracuse University, Mathew Maye

Rabeka Alam