Connections of the Goddess and the Company

Nike the Goddess

Nike was a winged goddess of victory who was the daughter of the giant Pallas and the infernal river Styx. Styx brought Zeus three children, including Nike, to fight as allies for the Titan war and into the service for Zeus. Nike was appointed as Zeus' Charioteer and all four were appointed as sentinels standing beside him.

Modern Connection

The connection between the goddess and the company is both the logo and the sportswear. The logo connects to her by the way her wings were "swooshed" , hence the resemblance of the logo to her wings which was inspired by her, and the feather that was sometimes illustrated in her hand.

Modern Connection

Some of her strengths were her personification of victory, her strive to win, and victory in battle. Her duty was to help the rightful to succeed so the company tells you that their shoes and other products will help you achieve victory in sports and be successful to athletes.
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