Student Council News-April

For Students, By Students

Famous American: By Lily G. and Skylar R.

Do you know Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and Rosa Parks? Well the 2nd graders can tell you all about them. They dressed up as almost all of the famous americans! They even gave a speech about their life and what they did that benefited the USA.

Game of Life By: Henry J. and Shelby T.

Firefighter Phill By: Lizzy M.

Mrs. Friedman class Chick-fil-a party! By: Monea M.

A Natural History Day for the 6th Grade By: Kyler H.


Dare Ice Skating Party by Shelby T.

On February 2nd, All Strongsville school students got to go to an ice skating party associated with the Dare program. First through eighth graders got to come and over 500 people attended. The Dare truck was in the middle of the Ice playing music and everyone was having a great time!!! Everyone was having a blast ice skating with friends from different schools that they don't usually see. At the entrance you got a ticket with numbers on it and if they wrote down your number, you won a Dare prize!!!

Valentines Day Fun at Surrarrer! By; Natalie W

Marco's Pizza Day By Sarah C.

FOOD FIGHT!! By Colin App

All the elementary schools in the Strongsville City Schools district competed in the Strongsville Food Fight. This is where your school had to collect the most non-perishable food items and paper products to win. It was based on the average per student. While all the schools did an excellent job, Surrarrer won! The Strongsville Rotary Club picked up all the food that was donated and took it to our local food bank. Thanks to all who participated!