San Luis Rey De Francia Mission

By, Fernando Morales

Mission History

  • Mission San Luis Rey De Francia was built in 1798. Mission San Luis was the 18th mission. The Luiseno Indians lived at San Luis mission. The founder of the mission was Fray Juan Serra. In 1831,The Luiseno lived at the mission. The location is ten miles away from San Diego. Fray Peyri left the mission after 34 years in January 17, 1832. The mission was finally part of California in 1850.

Daily life at the mission

Every morning, The bells rang. There was four bells.The men did tile making, carpentry, and leather making. The women cooked, sew, weave, make soap, and care for the sick. The crops where orange trees, grape vines, wheat, and hemp. The population was 2,869. They got secularized in 1834. San Luis returned to be Catholic Church in 1865.
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Mission Today

In Mission San Luis Rey De Francia, it is still open. Fray Juipero Serra was in charge. Mission San Luis Rey De Francia had a muesum. They had a bell tower to hold the four bells. The size of the mission is 180 feet, 28 feet wide, and 30 feet. Mission San Luis had no school.


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