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Website traffic generation via video

We all know that you can find Youtube videos based on their titles,description, and tags. But what if you have some meaningful audio in your video? Obviously you cant just fit everything into your description, your title and your tags. By default thats always going to be limited but captions can store everything thats said in your audioThis way search engines can find the entire meaning of your clipbased on the captions, basically if someone is looking for the keywords and you have them in your captions your video is preety much guaranteed to be found. This is important for marketers or basically anyone that’s looking to get their video exposed.

Now lets add one more option to the list. YouTube videos can be found by the words in their captions in this video I am gonna show you how i am doing this. But first let me setup the stage how this is gonna be done. So at this point we must ask, what is a caption. A caption is basically a simple text file that you upload along with your video. This basically tells the video player, at what point to show which phrase. Let me show you this srt file. As you can see it has the extension .srt it consists of basic elements :the sequence number, the time frame, and this is the actual caption the Kw_four is whats gonna show up in the video.

Now let me show you the video that i use in my experiment. Basically in this video when i uploaded it, I used kw_one as the title, kw_two in the description and kw_three in the tags.But in the srt file that i showed you previously thats when i typed kw_four in the captions and as you can see right here, its showing up. Now let's do the part that you probably already know. Let's search for our video based on the title.So here, we're typing kw_one And there it is, it's showingup. nothing new there. Now we're going to look up KW_two, which was in our description. And once again, it shows up. Now, KW_three, which is in our tags, and it shows up. Now for the most exciting part the whole part of the experiment: Now lets look up kw_four which was in our captionand there it is it shows up.

Now lets take this one step further and use a search engine to see if we can locate the video based on what we have in our captions,I am typing in kw_four and there it is the same video that we had, shows up right here.In conclusion, we now know that both Google and YouTube look inside the captions to find if the text matches with what the users searched for In order to optimize your video and make it discoverable you need to have these captions this provides extremely broad marketing opportunities.