Self Care

is important for all helping professionals

Take a look at your characteristics

the helping profession is filled with those who like to help. Those characteristics make us great human service counselors. But, those same characteristics put us at a higher rate for burn out.

Personality Test

Burn Out

Burnout is one element of the negative effects of caring that is known as Compassion Fatigue.

Most people have an intuitive idea of what burnout is. From the research perspective, burnout is associated with feelings of hopelessness and difficulties in dealing with work or in doing your job effectively. These negative feelings usually have a gradual onset. They can reflect the feeling that your efforts make no difference, or they can be associated with a very high workload or a non-supportive work environment.

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It is your professional and responsibility!

The ACA is clear in its ethical guidelines that counselors should safe guard its clients ability to be autonomous. -Erford, 2015

There are tests that will help you identify whether your are facing burn our or related issues.

There are resources that can help you.