New Invention: The Microscope!


The Microscope!

Anton van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch draper and scientist needed to see the threads of his fabric clearer. To see the threads of the fabric Leeuwenhoek had to use a pair of hand-held microscope lenses. The hand-held microscope lenses didn't work very well for Leeuwenhoek, because he still could not see the smallest details of the fabric. Leeuwenhoek took all the lens that he owned, and polished them to make them easier to see through. He attached them to a stand, and used screws to control how big or small he wanted the object to be. He calls it the microscope because he is able to see things that are not visible to the eye by itself. He has been able to see and describe yeast, water droplets, and the stingers of bees.
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New York Is Now Known as "The Big Apple"!

New York is the top apple grower, but that is not why New York is now called the "Big Apple". A newspaper reporter named John Fitz Gerald was writing an article on horse racing. While he was interviewing some of the horse riders, he over heard two stable hands mention that they were heading to "The Big Apple", which Fitz found to be New York. Fitz Gerald used that piece of information in his article, and many people started using that in reference to New York. Many bands have started to reference New York as " The Big Apple" because of its high class music clubs.


Illinois was first discovered by French explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette. Illinois was given to France from Great Britain after the French and Indian War. Illinois is located on Lake Michigan, and it connects many port cities to the Erie Canal. There will be more exploration on Illinois to come, and trade will start to occur once people start to occupy the newly discovered land.

Mail Is Delivered Between New York City and Boston!

In earlier times the only way to send or receive mail was to rely on friends or merchants. There has recently been a new way to transport mail, and it all started in New York. New York's Governor Francis Lovelace set up posts on the way from Boston to New York. There would be a mail carrier on horseback to transport mail from place to place. Old Boston Post Road is the route used by the mail carrier.