ITLS Newsletter

December 5, 2014


PD Feedback Needed - In order to help us gauge how applicable the content of our PD sessions have been, please take a moment to complete this survey. Please respond by Friday, December 12th.
Possible Student Email Spam Issues - In one elementary building it has come to light that students have access to their spam folders, which have inappropriate emails in them. If you are working with email, please check to see if your students also have access to inappropriate spam. If you see this is true, log a help desk ticket ASAP. IT is investigating.
2015 DL/TL Meeting Times: After reviewing the content and the number of people that arrive late or leave early, we recognize that a schedule change is necessary. For the remainder of this year we will no longer have all-day meetings. Instead, we will have half-day meetings that condense the professional learning and time people need to be away from other responsibilities. The new meeting times will be 7:30 - 10:45 (we will compensate middle level staff working outside their contractual time). Please note the adjusted ending time.
Schoology Teacher Notice and Verification: Kristen Loesel recently discovered that teachers must print, sign, and submit a "Schoology Teacher Notice and Verification" at least 2 days before students can join a course or group. This notice is designed to add an extra layer of protection for students by verifying that registered “teachers” are actually teachers. Any students who attempt to login or access the course will be told the teacher needs to submit a verification form first. It appears that all teachers, regardless of the age of the students, will be required to submit the form...something to keep in mind if you know your teachers are trying out Schoology for the first time with students.
Highly Effective School Library Recognition - Deadline is Dec. 19th to apply for this Colorado Department of Education designation. Application and evaluation rubric are here.
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Chromebook & Cart Procedures - Many of you shared how your buildings manage and organize the Chromebooks and carts. For your reference, we have compiled your strategies and resources into a single presentation called Chromebook & Cart Procedures. If you would like to add anything to the presentation, please contact Anna Otto.
Scholastic Digital Products Trials - Click on this link to a folder with all sorts of flyers about Scholastic Digital Resources. Here is document with free trial info that runs through the month of December (also in the folder). This is simply info, not an endorsement of these products. :)

From Your Peers

Poetry and Vocal Recording Project from Laura I.: I've been working with 4th grade on their poetry and vocal recording standards. We decided to try to harness the Chromebooks and were able to create and edit videos in two class periods with WeVideo. WeVideo let us login with Google and use the free option to create this. It is amazing to see how powerful these little chromebooks are. They sat at their desks in their classroom and using the camera on the Chromebook narrated their poems. We used microphones but some of the kids just used the microphone on the Chromebook and sometimes that option worked better. I have just started adding them to a Symbaloo.

20 Tools and 250 ideas to use with Primary Sources: This is the presentation Laura Israelsen gave at the National Council for Social Studies Teacher conference this month. Chock full of resources!

Out of Eden Online Learning Community from Laura I.: I got to see this project in action and as quickly as I could signed my 21st CL classes up to follow Paul from Out of Eden on his 7 year trek to walk around the world. Classroom activities and global connections are being facilitated by National Geographic and promise to be wonderful! I can't wait. Check out these links for more information:

As soon as it is available, we recommend that you look at our educators’ guide located under the curriculum tab of our website. You can start preparing students for upcoming activities, if you choose.

Add subtitles to your videos in Google Drive! From Tricia LaRue. Great for ELL students…