Never Ordinary Never the Same

Designer Wine Glasses from ManjushaArts

The age old culture of wine has evolved over centuries of human civilization. The variety of grapes, the process, the cultures, even the shape of the wine bottles have changed over time. One thing that has not changed in eons is the the wine it a goblet or a glass, be it made of gold, copper or glass its still a wine glass. We dare not change the wine glass but we do dare to make it beautiful, exotic, and exclusive.

Introducing designer wine glasses from ManjushaArts.......

Hand Painted Exclusive Wine Glasses

ManjushaArts LLC

This slide presentation is an introduction of my new elegant and exclusive Gift product line. For best results watch in slide show mode. The product line consists of hand-painted gift articles using my novel technique AlpaniqueTM. I use a self researched & developed proprietary enamel to carefully extrude thin lines out of a needle sharp device to hand draw each and every line that adorns my art pieces. This enamel is scratch proof and water proof.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this product line, as it has resulted from over seven years of pain staking research and development. The designs I draw emanate from my imagination, once I see the shape of the object that I use as my substrate. Therefore what you see as my art will be “Never Ordinary and Never the Same”.

In this slide presentation I’m introducing you to only selected products. In months to come I will introduce many more such products in our exclusive gift line. Stay tuned. If you would like us to keep you posted by email or Facebook. Send us an email. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance for your special & exclusive gifting needs.