Mini Summitive Assignment

Jonathon Williams Honors Psychology

Tennis Team : Asch Experiment

Since the Asch Experiment would say that my tennis team acts a group who conforms to the ideals of the other members of the team.Whenever the group plays, or "hits", the team often hits exactly the same way that the others do i.e. if one hits extremely poorly others mimic it assuming it is the proper way to hit the ball. This causes the team to play at a much worse way than we actually should. This may relate to group think as people on the team tend to just do whatever the group decides and loses their individuality.

Tennis Team : Zimbardo Prison Experiment

The tennis teams works a society. There is a hierarchy as well as a minority that is constant throughout the years. Those who are on the top six of the team have increasingly high levels of arrogance towards those who are on the bottom of the team in regards to skill level. The top two are the ones who believe that they are better than everyone and therefore do not seek to play with those who are deemed less than satisfactory. The coach would be compared to the researcher whereas the top six are the prison guards and the lower players are the prisoners.

Tennis Team: Milgram Experimemt

In regards the tennis team, EVERY tennis player listen to our coach without any questioning of "right or wrong" or if it is morally correct or not. If our coach were to tell us to hit the guy with the ball, even if it were to lose the game, we would do it without question. Our tennis team Our studies show that the team as a whole will listen to coach more whenever he gets into your face rather than when he is further away.

Fundamental Attribution Error

The tennis team is a very judgmental group of individuals and whenever someone messes up during a game, they often assume that it is due to either a mental hiccup i.e. fear, or it is due to exhaustion, which stems from the body. The tennis team does not acknowledge someone else's mistakes because of outside forces but questions their internal situation to why they have messed up. In addition, if they get an ace, and we do not think they are good, we imagine that the other player is really good instead of our player's own skill.