Pop Art Exhibition

fun for all the family

pop art exhibition

On 25th of Feburarby 2013 a pop art exhibition is tacking place in the pheonix center in Exeter. It starts at 1.30pm to 7.00 pm. with a fun packed day including pop art done by some of the most famous pop artist such as Andy Warhol,Roy Lichtenstein,James Rosenquist any many many more you will also have a talk about pop art and how i began and Andy Warhole is coming along to answer any question people have about his work there will also be refreshments and you can have a go at making you own pop art picture you cant miss it.

Pop Art Exhibition

Monday, Feb. 25th, 1:30pm

Pheonix center in exeter


1.30pm to 2.45pm a talk by john copper about the history of pop art .

2.45pm to 3.25pm enjoy looking at some of the most famous pop artists work.

3.25pm to 4.30pm ask Any Warhole about his life as a pop artist.

4.30pm to 5.45pm refreshments such as cakes,tea and coffe ,orange juce ,sweets and sandwiches.

5.45pm to 7.00pm have a go yourself at making one of your own pop art painting.