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Updated Murder in Greenwich Village Apartment

The Inside in Greenwich Village Apartments

Wife is murdered also stands for the missing ring, which becomes marked as soon as it is found without a wife attached. Thorwald makes repeated late-night

trips carrying his sample case. Then I notice that Thorwalds wife is gone

and see him cleaning a large knife and handsaw. Converted to which

it appears everywhere: empty bedroom, purse, garden, trunk, and suitcases.

Lars digs a grave in the courtyard, but it's empty. Thorwald gets to Jeff's

apartment and, he attempts to kill Jeff by throwing him out the window into the courtyard.


Today's World

1) Imagine you get a new job. On the first day of work, you're getting a tour of the office building, and you notice something strange: only men work there.

2) Men are expected to work outside the house while women are expected to care for children and clean the house.

3)Capitalism strengthens and supports the sexist status because men are the one who currently have power and money.

In The 1950s

1) The differences between women, including race, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation.

2) Suffrage campaigner were also anxious that the achievement of the vote, and women part in gaining this victory.

3)Political activist again pointed to the lack of references to women in standard texts and sought to re-discover women's active role in the past.