The 13 colonies

By: ZaMarion Coffie

The New England colonies

There were many colonies in New England such as pilgrims Plymouth, and Puritans.

Puritans were in Massachusetts bay and the reason because, so that they can be a role model colony.Also the pilgrims where at Massachusetts and the reason they went there was to to practice there religion.Also they had many land forms such as Appalachian Mountains,Hudson river, and Catskill Mountains.Then they also traded tools,boats,water and they also had resources such as wheat,iron,fish,candles,boats,water and it was cold there.And the settlers was Jamestown.The jobs they had were blacksmith and farming.

The Middle colonies

The land forms The Middle colonies had were conexus lake,hemlock lake,keuha lake and the climate was warmer.Also the middle colonies has many resources such as river,soil,wheat, and flower and there were workers there such as sailors,dockworkers, and millers.And the people wanted there religion to be in Pennsylvania.The jobs were farming.And the they had are fish,furs,wheat,iron,fish.

The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies has other land forms such as Georgia,South coastal plains,Blue Ridge Mountian. Also the climate it is warmer and they had many natural resources such as soil,crops,tobacco and rice also traded many things like cotton,sugar,rice,lumber and fur.Also English Christians had religious freedom.And there early settlements was Jamestown.The job that this colonie had was house-holding and farming.

compare and contrast other colonies

The difference between each colonie is that they have different states and different jobs goods and many more.Also the comparison is they have a lot of people and all have churches also they all had there lands by a king.