"We are united"

Welcome to Atlantica

From nothing we created a nation. A perfect world. The first settlers were on a boat in 4000 A.N. (After Neptune) in the atlantic ocean on a search for another human race after three quarters of the human population vanished. Tradgically the settlers' boat sank. The survivors found a small island and created the nation we call Atlantica. It is a nation where mermaids and mermen can live freely and in harmony.

Our Clans

We have divided the mermaids and mermen into beautiful Clans organized by tail colour. Each Clan plays a special role in the Nation: the Pink Clan is the Designer Clan, they design and make the tops for mermaids/men. The Orange Clan is the Agriculture Clan, they harvest the vegetables and fruit to make our delicious seashell chips. The Yellow Clan is the Local Service Clan. They own the seashell stores, the furniture stores and other stores within the nation. The Green Clan is the Carpenter Clan. They build all the stores and the beautiful luxurious oyster homes and clam shell beds. The Blue Clan is the Jewelery Clan. they create unique necklaces, rings and earrings. And last but not least the Purple Clan is the Communtiy Service Clan. They assist the elderly mermaids and mermen with their needs.

Our Childhood

In Atlantica we cherish and celebrate childhood. There Is a ceremony at each coming of age. After the ceremony your child and their age group will get a free training session on how to properly behave within their age group. At each coming of age your child will also receive mandatory surgery . The purpose of the surgery is to ensure that every age group grows at the same pace and that each member of a particular age group resembles one another. For example, when a child turns thirteen they will have surgery to change the colour of their tail.

Health care

Our health care centre provides the best care possible to the citizens of Atlantica. In the event a citizen falls ill he or she must follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Immediately report to the health care centre for care (to prevent the possible spread of the disease).

2. Receive an injection from a health care provider. The purpose of the injection is to eradicate germs, bacteria or viruses.

3. If the injection fails to eradicate the illness within twenty four hours you will be banished from the nation. We shall leave you in twenty-four hour confinment till you go on to another life. We will address the public (attendance is mandatory) to explain that we could not save that mermaid or merman's life. Life in the Nation shall proceed with further disturbance.


Our laws are reasonable, but strict. This ensures that your children will behave properly. The rules and regulations are:

1. Respect all citizens of Atlantica, the underwater rulers and the chariot services provided for the benefit of the citizens of Atlantica. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2. Do not change your tail colour (exception is on ceremony day).

3. Nutritional requirements must be strictly followed. To this end, all citizens of Atlantica must eat one of each green, red and pink seashell chip a day.

4. You are allowed to dye a streak of your hair (must be the same as your tail colour).

5. Never leave the Nation.

If you leave the Nation and/or break any of the other rules you may never come back and your family will either be taken care of (maybe death) or have a public trial with questions about your recent activity. This has been established because you will cause stress and sadness to the Nation.

Our food

Nutrition here at Atlantica is very important. Our diet consists of delicious seashell chips, which contain only the best vitamins to keep you strong and healthy. The green shell is beautiful vegetables harvested from our bountiful farms. The green shells prevent scurvy. The red shell is sweet fruit from our marvelous fruit trees and farms, while the pink one is a special candy that you get once a month. Please fill out the food form for any more questions about the seashell chips.

Society pyramid

Our society pyramid is very well thought out. It is based on respect for others and respect is very important to us in Atlantica.
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Our Flag

Our flag signifies a beautiful starfish, which is a stunning golden yellow with extraordinary sandy yellow circles which represent the large nation that we have created. We have a beautiful sea green colour behind the starfish to represent the ocean.
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Our Slogan and Nation's Name

Our Nation's slogan "We are United" means that we are a strong nation that stands together. We help those in need; we have each other's fins.

Our Nation "Atlantica" is named after a great nation before us, Atlantis. Unfortunately, this nation was over thrown by it's citizens. We will always remember Atlantis. It was almost a perfect world.

Jumbo Shrimp and Sea Horse Chariots

The Jumbo Shrimp and Sea Horse Chariots are safe services that are provided for public transportation. It costs one sand dollar for all ages to use these transportation services. Alternatively, citizens can use a chariot pass, which costs two seashells (equivalent to twenty Canadian dollars) per month. The Chariot services are free to citizens during a ceremony of age. The Jumbo Shrimp Chariots are larger chariots for bigger families, whereas a Sea Horse Chariot is best suited for two or three mermaids or mermen. These chariot services must be shown the greatest respect because it is a service to enhance the life of the citizens. To order a chariot simply go to a chariot hailer located around the city, choose your chariot size and the time of departure.

Here is our beautiful coral gardens