Lineville Technology

MJ Johnson

Typing Web

1: It helps us get better at typing.

2: Typing web can help us prepare for the future because you need to type for some jobs.

3:Also It counts your errors and words per minute


1: It helped us experience and play around with the Itrailers

2: itrailer helped us get to know people

3: Also it let us do something new

Career Locker

1: We got to learn about collages

2: It helped us look for a job we would be interested in

3: Career Locker can help us see what we have to be good at to get to that job

Haiku Deck

1: We got to experience it

2: It helped us get better at presenting when we presented

3: Haiku Deck is a presentation app

Explain Everything

1: It's a presentation app

2: you get to explain what you are doing

3: we had to explain a math problem

Hour of Code

1: Let us get better at computer programming

2: It lets us play computer programming games

3: We got to experience it

Email Etiquette

1: helped us get better at typing

2: we got to learn how to make a proper email

3: it told us what we had to put in the email and had to send it to Mrs. Myers