Technology Decisions

By: Jayme Fisher

Graphic Designer

The position of graphic designer must work with a computer that has a great graphics processor and a RAM big enough to hold all the information needed for different projects. A bigger screen helps the graphic designer to edit his/her projects and create the best work possible. Although more expensive than other options, $1599.99, the HP Envy 34 Curved is the best choice for this job. The enormous screen is perfect for multitasking and editing and the Intel Core I5 processor is sure to keep up with any duties the designer needs to perform. Other options for the graphic designer's computer include the 27" iMac and Lenovo YOGA Home 900, both of which have good processers and 27" screens. While the YOGA is a touch screen and the iMac includes IPS technology, the HP Envy comes with a NVIDIA graphics processing unit, which is ideal for someone in this field of work.
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The cashier's main duty is to assist customers with purchasing decisions. To do this, he/she must be able to take money, scan items, and dispense correct change. The Royal PCR T2100 cash register is capable of all this and more; with a LCD display and 999 PLU's, one can use this register to quickly input items and check customers out. For only $144.99, this product is surely a steal. While other registers such as the Casio SE-S700 and the Casio SES100SCGD boast about thermal printers, the Royal PCR is considerably faster.

Sales Representative

As a sales representative, the person in this position is constantly on the go. He/she must have a device that is not only capable of wireless communication, but also something lightweight and portable. The best device for this job is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The 5.7" display is not too big, but not too small. It also has a fast performance level and a built in stylus for any multitasking needs. The long battery life is perfect for the traveling salesperson. For the Verizon Wireless provider, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can be bought for $696.00. If the user prefers a tablet, he/she might want to consider the Microsoft Surface Pro. While bigger and bulkier than the Galaxy Note 5, this tablet is only 1.73 pounds and could easily be used for this position. For a smaller option, one might consider the Samsung Galaxy S6. With its fast performance and 5" screen, this device is small enough to fit in any travelers pocket or purse. The ideal candidate, however, is still the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, meeting somewhere in the middle.