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6th Grade

All about me

I use to go to school at F.L. Schlagle and I also graduated from there to . I live in Kansas city Kansas . I went to Kansas University for . I am also married i been married for 7 years to my wonderful husband and we have 3 beautiful children together.


I believe that being a teacher you should be able to get to know your students very well but its also hard to get to know everybody name in one day. When the teacher starts to teach at the beginning of the school year they don't really know them. Some teachers can't handle being in the classroom with students that be out of control but if you don't think you can handle that then you shouldn't be a teacher or teaching that type of class.

Being a teacher can be a good thing and also a bad thing at the same time. I want to be a teacher that teachers older kids because they know what they have to do most of the time and its not as much work you have to do with older kids. Teachers that teach younger kids have more work they have to come up for their kids so they wont be bored in class , and also have more rules for the classroom.

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Email : lachell_reeves@yahoo.com
2214 N 59 St, Kansas City, KS 66104

Phone:(913) 627-7500

Classroom Procedures

Entering the classroom, Parents on the first day will be with their child or children and parents an students will get the feel of the new class room an the environment around them . Children older than 5 will be with me and children under 5 will be with a different teacher . Exiting the classroom students will line up in a single file line in a,b,c order i will have that print out the next day of school.

Collecting work- I will collect by row and also walk around an pick up paper that students have past in when they was told to . Distributing paper i will have one assign student to help me pick up papers and handout supplies when needed.

Emergency Procedures - Students will leave everything at their desk and line up in single file line very quickly and no you will not need to get in a,b,c order til we are out side . Student will walk down the hallways out the side door on the south side of the building and walk across the street an then get in a,b,c so I can see who I'm missing in me classroom an see who's all here . Students will walk back to class in that single file line back to class an resume their assignment that they was giving .

Electronics - Students that have finish their work on time may use the electronics in the classroom or their phone if they have one but students that haven't finish may not use their electronics til they are finish . I will have students put their electronics in a bucket at the beginning of class so they won't be using them during class time.

Classroom management- Students will respect each other and everyone in the classroom, when students start to get out of hand I will tell he or she to settle down an if he or she can't settle down I will have them to step out of the classroom til I am done giving direction of what to do on their assignment once I am done explaining to the class I will go out side and ask the student what's going on for them to keep doing what they are doing . Once I'm done talking to he or she I will them to come back in the classroom an do their work and ask one of their classmates what to do since they couldn't handle being in class when I was giving directions. If they continue to get out of handle again I will send them out an make them go to the office.

Absent Procedures - Students that haven't been to school in a while their work will be in a folder in front of the classroom with everything in it from that whole week . Once that week is over an they haven't came to school them I will take keep them papers out an put the new ones from this week an if they deside to come to school that week then I will have them to either come after class or after school to see what they need to do on their work an how to do since that haven't been to school in over a week or two , but each week that they haven't came to school their work will be added each time.

Sharping your pencil - The pencil will be located in the front of the classroom by the door , you may get up and sharping your pencil once no body is up front talking or isn't presenting anything then you can get up and sharp it.
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teach procedurces

My procedures for my class room is for you to come in the classroom quite an go to your assign seat and write down the agenda for the day then get started on your bell work . Their will always be an agenda up each time you come in the classroom, i also will be collecting notebooks after each test to make sure everything is in your notebooks and grade an give it back to you .

If the procedure is not done then you wont be getting a grade for it an it will be worth 10% of your grade each time I grade it.

If the procedure is done then the student has done what he/ she has been told to do in their notebooks.

Students will have at least 2 times to make up any assignments an will need to come after-school to do so.

Class i will need you to practice the procedure with an partner