A.I. duPont Middle School

Vision of the Future: A Student's Day in the LIfe

Project Learning Time--8:00-9:30

Students work on relevant and rigorous projects in their core subject areas that require them to think critically, problem-solve and collaborate with their peers. Students assemble their work in their portfolios for each content area.

dupont Reads: 9:30-10:15

Sustained Silent reading of student chosen text to read

Weekly Current events article

Personalized Learning Time-10:15-11:45

Every student has a Personalized Learning Plan and students learn content from a list of online playlist, texts, videos while moving at their own pace.


Students celebrate their successes and areas of growth both individually and as a group

organize for student led conferences

duPont Solves--1:30-2:15

Students solve computational math problems on the computer. The program is self-paced and quizzes are embedded in the process. Teachers conference one on one with students to review their results

After school

Tutoring, STEAM activities, Chess Club, Coding Academy with Tinker, Ecology Green Team

Report Card Night-Student-led Conferences

Overview of Change Levers

Big Ideas
  1. Personalization
  2. Literacy Across the Content Areas(Reading and Writing Workshop)
  3. Project Based Learning (Standards-Based Instruction)
  4. Professional Learning Community
  5. Data- driven Culture

Essential Questions

  1. What do we care about?
  2. What are we willing to dare for what we care about?
  3. How will we know if we are headed in the right direction?
  4. How will we change course if we need to?
  5. How will we celebrate our successes?


Student Led Parent Teacher Conference - Middle School

Literacy Across the Content Areas


Project Based Learning


Professional Learning Community