Software Developer

By Jonathan Garcia

Software Development

Software Development is a career where the employey job is to create a system for a computer or other device that allow people to do different things the specific item in question depends. It depends on what the job is and what they are creating either way it is a brand new software that allows people to do a task, job, or something entertaining. They might also create underlying programs that run or control other devices as well in this line of work. It is not a lone wolf job though it is something done collaboratively with a group of people of whom the employey works with in a standard office or in rare cases at home with phone contact. Either way though it is a full time job with an average of 40 hours a week.Within that time the empoloyey would work on one part under the guid lines of the employer and the others do there part and in the end the product is a mix of everyone's help. It is a good job though paying on average 94,350 a year which comes down to 44.88 an hour. It even grows faster than most jobs with an projected growth rate of 22% from 2012 to 2022. Of course it is not an easy job to get though it requires a bacheolers degree in computer science and software engineering mathematics is preferred but not required and sometimes they even want a masters. A back round in programming is also something very well liked similar to mathematics. In the end it has to fit you though it has to be something you enjoy. In conclusion this is the essence of the job of a software developer and if it seems interesting it might be for you. There is some information on the link provided just click Here

Career Connections

Now is this something that seems like something you could do. Sam Schillace a software engineer has this to say to beginners in this field people who want to become go into this line of work which involves many computer skills “Write code. Early and often. Good engineers are curious and want to learn how to build new things and are also constantly trying to find new and interesting things they haven't built yet, If you don't feel passionate about trying out some new technology or language you've heard, or you aren't obsessed with solving that problem or building that app you've thought of, you probably shouldn't be a programmer.” Now say this does seem to intersest you now you might think, where do I start? Well he also gives good advice on how to get expierence by saying "Even if you don’t have an internship on your résumé, there are other ways you can showcase your work. “These days, it's really easy to find places to write code and solve technical problems –things like Code academy make it very easy to get started, and any computer (or even a tablet or phone) can have some kind of technical environment installed" For me this seems like something I might want to do something to aim for. I notice that he tells us that you an find something online easy or something on a phone or tablet once you get some school. it is something I never thought of and I find this to be helpful it is not like a job, or internship it is something that is easy gets you exspierence and will doesn't seem to hard to find time for. I also notice his passion for his job he really loves his job and feels that without that passion you will not enjoy this job. I took this away as something that might help me. Of course some might notice this or just see another quote. Either way this is what I took away and hopefully you were able to take something helpful away as well. If you are curious as to who he is you can see a little of what he currently does it is long so I don't recomend watching all 45 minutes of it skip around or just the first few minutes and/or end.
Sam Schillace, SVP Engineering of Box, at Hack Deploy Scale

High School Preparation

At Leyden There are many ways that could help you reach this goal if that is your aim. there are after school clubs and even classes to help you with learning it. Some good classes might be coding and computer repair. It could help you learn to code and know the computer how it works might help with future computer science course. and the coding might help when you need to program some items within the job. Another good one is Networking. Some developers create programs to run other devices like networking to understand connection and how to create it and how it works in relation to other items. Finally there is web design. It might not be the most helpful but you are building a software and here you learn to build a website which you might even do in the future it is good to know for yourself to showcase the skill and some things might transfer over. There are also clubs here to help you get started some that might help are Computer and Internet club to help learn about computers and engineering it is building and it would help to know building when creating software. Of course there is some work you can do to get exspeirence. At west there is TSI it is an internship where you can gain exspeirence working with real life problems this can help because it is not just fixing computer it is allowing it to open programs that will not and a lot of other stuff as well. Another good thing is to create a website showcases writing skills and if related back to the job shows your understanding of software. You can also join a store selling software and technology while you do not directly learn it shows your interest and devotion. Finally there is online. Like the quote stated I could learn a little and go online or on a tablet and work on that to gain exspeirence. In conclusion there is a lot of ways to help prepare you for a job in software development if you put in the effort.


References the part of all applications that asks about others. This is something important that needs to be added it who they can talk to about you. It is not familiy it is someone who has seen you work and will tell honestly about you as a person and why they should hire or accept you. It could be a teacher a previous job owner they are the people who tell about t=you the mark you leave on them not what you say about yourself but how others see you and that is what they want to know everybody sees themself different then how other people see them. For me I have no references
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Post Secondary Plans

Plans after high school for this field is college. There are a few options of course it is possible to take a gap year or go straight to a four year college or start at a two year and move onto a four year. For me I aim to go to a two year and start my career after high school then a four year college but I am unsure of which college for either and move on to my career. The two majors you want to focus on is computer science which just in case also fills a broad range and software engineering which is acually more specific to this job. There are also a better chance if you major is mathematics which I plan to do. There are some other classes that you can take to benefit this class that I did not mention. Either way though you will have to go college to finish to be part of this career. All in all this is a good field to be a part of but it does require some school and effort to be a part of and here are a list of schools you could choose from for link click Here
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