Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * May 16, 2016


This is the final week for our unit on changes. We have read many interesting selections and talked about how they relate to the Big Idea, “Living Things Change Over Time.” The living things in question this week are Plants. We are going to explore the question, “What steps would you take to plant a garden?” In the fantasy story, How Groundhog’s Garden Grew,” we will find out how Squirrel helps Groundhog with his vegetable garden. In the informational text Super Soil, we’ll learn how soil helps plants grow.

Target Vocabulary: sprouting, crops, blossomed, underneath, fortunate, drooping, promised, harmful

Phonics Skills: words with /aw/: au, aw, ai, o, a

Vocabulary Strategy: Using context

Comprehension Skill: Sequence of events – tell the order in which things happen

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify – find ways to figure out what doesn’t make sense


This week, the students will continue to transfer their notes to draft. The second graders will use headings to organize their reports, choose text features to add, write the final drafts and create an original cover. The students will also work to complete their digital presentations. Our goal to have a museum walk and visit next Wednesday for our the Stoy students. Mark your calendars, all 2R parents are welcome to visit the classroom next Wednesday, May 25th, to see these amazing projects.

W.E.B. Poetry Performances

The final poetry performance is presented, I will create a iMovie to share with you that highlights each students' work. It will sent home via a Smore letter.


Lesson 9-9: Estimating Costs (2-Day Lesson)
  • Record number models and make ballpark estimates
  • Make sense of an estimation strategy for an addition problem
  • Find a second estimation strategy for the same problem
  • Discuss the estimation strategies
  • Use mental math and estimation strategies to decide what they can buy at a store for $100.
  • Review the open response problem and discuss what a good explanation would include
  • Examine others' estimation strategies in a class discussion
  • Revise their explanations
Lesson 9-10: Connecting Double Facts, Even Numbers, and Equal Groups
  • Count by 2's to find the total number of objects in arrays
  • Solve a number story about an array with 2 equal rows
  • Share and discuss answers to the Math Message problem
  • Use doubles facts to solve equal-groups stories
  • Connect even numbers to equal-groups stories
Lesson 9-11: Multiples of 10 and 5
  • Solve addition problems involving multiples of 10
  • Solve a number story involving groups of 10
  • Share and discuss their strategies for using tools
  • Discuss strategies for finding the total number of objects in groups of 10 and groups of 5
  • Children summarize and apply their strategies for solving problems involving 2's, 5's and 10's
  • Vocabulary *mulitple

Aiden McKinney Happy 9th Birthday!


May 19th - Unit 5 Social Studies Test
May 20th - 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Field Day - Lunch will be at 12:30
May 20th - Scholastic Book Club orders due.
May 25th - Nonfiction Report Parent visit 1:45-2:45
May 26th - Student Council Patriotic Spirit Day and Pretzel Sale
May 27th - PTA Sponsored Arden Theater 9:00-12:00 - Lunch will be at 12:00
May 30th - No School - Memorial Day