Roaring Twenties

By: JT Wheeler

The Assembly line

This was a huge change for America.

Henry Ford hired many employees whether they were white or black and paid them 5 dollars a day.

Many of these people ended up buying cars themselves.

The assembly line made it easier and faster for them to build cars each person had their own job

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The city

This is a picture of one of the cities back in 1920s

You can see many cars in this photo all were made thanks to the assembly line that Henry Ford had created.

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Carlie Chaplin Movie star

Charlie Chaplin was a comedian that became known for his silent movies

Later in his life he acted as hitler in a movie and was chased out of the US for the fear he was a communist

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Suffragette protest

This basically is when women wanted to be treated equally as men they wanted to do work at an actual job and not at home

They wanted to be able to vote and get paid equally later on they are granted the right to vote

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Al Capone

Al Capone was a huge 1920s gangster

He would hire someone to kill others and he would never be charged with a murder

They later arrested him for tax evasion

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Young woman in modern times.

Families changed and men started seeing women in different places not just at the house