Once Upon A TIme

WHAT IS IT??????????????????????????

The Obliterator is a unique device that privileges you to experience suspense and thrill once again. It can erase a small part of a designated memory to allow you to "relive" a movie or book. Have you ever finished the best series of books you have ever read? If you have not, let me tell you, it is the worst feeling you will ever have. All of the workers at Obliterator Incorporated have taken it upon them to make sure this will never effect you, EVER!


This product can be purchased online for an AMAZING price of $45.95 at the one of a kind, new and improved, obliterator website.

Side effects:

This product is not recommended for anybody under the age of 5 OR above 67. Itchy armpits, extreme diarrhea, blue tinted teeth, and green feet have rarely occurred.


SINCE 2014

The obliterator is a new, great, improved, and popular product that EVERYONE WILL WANT! If you LOVE being on the edge of your seat, then this is the right thing for you. This product was made in 2014; this is a NEW innovation that will sweep you off of your seat.


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Compliments on us

Not only is there a minimal amount of money to pay regularly, but if you order RIGHT NOW we will take an extra $10 off of your regularly priced $45.95. Now we will take an extra step and deliver it to your front door today for free.
The plans were made by none other than the world famous stars who made your life simpler by creating the Obliterator.Yes way! This is not just an ordinary pill; this pill was made from the finest technology humans have ever seen! Although it is a high tech object, its functions contain only three simple steps....THREE SIMPLE STEPS: 1) Buy our AMAZING product.2) Use it by turning the dial to what movie you want to erase.3) ENJOY!!!!!!!!