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Bernice Young Elementary Newsletter 9/14/20

Principal Corner

We had another great week at B.Y.E. The kids seem happy and are following our safety protocols with minimal reminders.

Student-Led Conferences are September 21-22 from 3:00-6:30. In order to keep us all safe, we will do these meetings virtually. Teachers will send a sign-up via email for conferences on Monday, September 14th. Families will receive a video from the teacher to answer overall questions about the classroom. Please watch this before your scheduled conference Zoom meeting. The Zoom meetings will focus on your child, his/her progress, and goals. Students will attend Zoom meetings with families so they can share some of this information. Please schedule a time when your child(ren) can join you for the meeting.

MAP testing will take place over the next few weeks. Different grades test on different days. Teachers will share testing information with you.

Let us know if you have any questions.

PTA News

The picnic tables have arrived!! We are so excited that you can now check your child out for lunch and enjoy eating at our new picnic tables. They are located in front of the yellow hallway.

PTA is a blessing to the staff during Student-Led Conferences. Please check out the signup genius for how you can help provide treats for teachers during conference week.

Upcoming Events

September 14th week- Reading MAP (2nd-5th grade- teachers will provide more info)

September 21th week- Math MAP (2nd-5th grade- teachers will provide more info)

September 14th- 25th- Reading/Math MAP (K-1st grade-teachers will provide more info)

September 21-22- Student Led Conferences (more information to come)

October 8- Flu shot clinic- Stay tuned

About our School

  • Bernice Young Elementary was established in August 2000.
  • School mascot is the Yellowjacket
  • School colors are Red, Yellow, and Black
  • Principal- Christy Norwood
  • Assistant Principal- Stacey Plumlee

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