Diane Arbus

Braelynn Beeler


  • Birthdate: March 14, 1923
  • Location of Birth: New York City
  • Death: July 26, 1971

Personal Life

  • She was married to Allan Arbus and together they learned photography and took fashion pictures. She later branched out on her own.
  • She was one of the most distinctive photographers of the 20th century because of her eerie portraits and odd subjects.
  • She committed suicide because of depression caused by her divorce.

(master of photography, 2105)

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Other information


Diane started taking pictures because of her husband, Allan. They began working together taking photos of the fashion industry. After she branched out on her own, her focus was mainly on odd or off-beat street photography. Her work has been known for being eerie. Aside from her being one of the edgiest photographers of her time, she has brought knowledge about street photography and photography as a whole.
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