Let's Rock September!!!

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Don't You Just Love Our Fall Collection!!!

After the excitement from the launch last night, I am ready to make magic happen. I hope you are, too! The start of the holiday selling season is now. Start thinking about how much you want to make so you can plan for how to get there.

Remember, an average online event sells $300, while an average in person pop up sells $800. When people see our quality, they tend to want it all. And you all know there is a certain rush you get when shopping in an actual store... Am I right??? I always aim to book one to two pop ups from every event. (So if I have 2 this month, 4 in October, 6 in November... I will have a very merry holiday!!!)

Make sure you update your online boutiques today, as well. Keep it fresh + inviting so you're VIP shoppers always see something new + exciting. To see the entire launch checklist, click here.

Set Your Goal Today!

Please take a few minutes to take this 3 question survey and set you goal for August. Use the link below.

Announcing Our September Team Contest...

And it's a doozy! I am using my credits to give away a Turquoise Torsade to one of you!!!

How can you win it? Be active with your business. This is a points based contest. The lady with the most points WINS!

Here's how you can earn points:

1 pt - Register + Attend a National Call

3 pts - Post something inspiring, informative or a marketing asset on our team page (only one per day per person, please)

5 pts - Book a Pop Up (Sept-Nov)

15 pts - Push your pop up to $500!

5 pts - Every $50 sold

5 pts - Book a touch base call with me

5 pts - Set your September goal (see goal survey above)

So who wants to win??

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Let's Make September Our Best Month Yet!!!

Who's With Me???

This is OUR TIME to take the lead. Let's show the southwest how it's done!!! I want to help you in anyway I can. Remember, your sales and pop ups now will set you up for success as we move through the end of the year. Let's Rock September!!!