New MSU Scholarship App Available

New MSU Scholarship Application is Live!

The Murray State University Scholarship Office has launched the new scholarship application website! Here are a few details you need to know:

  1. Application questions are the same as what was in STARS (either in the Questionnaire section or on the individual scholarship pages) but may be presented in a different order.
  2. We are now connected to the MSU database (myGate) so we can save you time by using existing data in your official MSU record.
  3. You no longer have to apply for individual scholarships; we will automatically consider you for all possible scholarships based on information from your official MSU record & answers in the new application.
  4. You do need to submit the application to be considered for scholarships.
New MSU Scholarship Application

Click this button to link to the new MSU Scholarship Application.

Checklist for What to Do Next

Please do the following to make sure your scholarship application is complete.

  1. Log-in to the new application.
  2. Check the data that we transferred from your STARS application to the new application. Sometimes spacing or other issues are created during a transition.
  3. Answer or edit questions (as necessary) to ensure you are matched with as many scholarships as possible.
  4. Submit your application once you have reviewed, edited/finished answering all the questions.

Documents Previously Uploaded to STARS

We are working diligently to transfer your documents from STARS to the new scholarship application. As long as the documents were submitted in STARS or to our office prior to the deadline, they will be uploaded to the new application system in time for the scholarship committees to view them.

myGate Log-in Info Needed

You will only be able to access the MSU scholarship application with your myGate username and password. New students are mailed their myGate username and temporary password in their admission packet. You can access your myGate portal online at

Need myGate Help?

Click the above gray button for myGate log-in information.

Scholarship Application Deadline

The MSU Scholarship Application deadline is still January 15th. If this changes, we will communicate with you via email, social media, and our website.

We apologize for any inconvenience this transition has caused. However, it is our hope that the new application will be a positive experience for you.

Questions? Email us at